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Digi has developed X-CTU, which is software used for configuring and testing Digi RF products modems. Features: Support for all Digi products. Integrated terminal window. Easy to use loopb... Jul 06, 2017
Introduction: Occasionally, a @Modem Configuration file not found@ error is seen when using the XCTU (or XCTU-NG) software. What this generally indicates is that the firmware on the module you@re ... Jul 06, 2017
Here is the End User License Agreement text that appears during the installation of X-CTU: End-User License Agreement for Digi X-CTU Software Important! Read Carefully: By installing the softwa... Jul 06, 2017
This article will provide the steps needed to utilize the XBee Cellular module with Linux and Linux Modem Manager.Items used in this article:XBee LTE CAT 1 AT@T XBee moduleInterface board that prov... May 16, 2018
When developing a Zigbee Home Automation application or Wanting to talk with a Zigbee Home Automation Device, the XBee module you should select is the XBee ZB SMT module or XBee ZB (Zigbee) Surface... Jul 06, 2017
The XCite product has the ability to work in a single frequency channel mode which allows the user to select one of 25 non-frequency hopping channels for the best simultaneous network performance. ... Jul 06, 2017
Follow these instructions for updating the firmware in Digi RF radio modems: Note: XStream radio modems with firmware versions 4.28D and higher are field-upgradeable. XCite modems with firmware ... Jul 06, 2017
Periodically, one wants to send data from the device cloud to an XBee module connectedto a device via the XBee modules Serial port or COM port.This can be done using the default application that co... Jul 06, 2017
Digi radio modems support field firmware upgrades. The upgrade process requires the Digi interface board (supplied in a development kit or a PKG product) and a PC with a Windows OS.One of the reaso... Jul 06, 2017
Very often any abnormal radio modem behaviors are due to the configuration. Restoring the defaults will return the radio modem to a known state and should be the first action taken when troublesh... Jul 06, 2017
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