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5G-IoT-Edge-ML/AI: Technologies That Will Transform

Today, 5G networks are actively being deployed, and combined with other technology advances and trends, including the IoT, edge compute, machine learning and artificial intelligence, will create the perfect technological storm for major breakthrough advances. Watch this video to hear Harald Remmert, Digi engineering director describe how the capacity of 5G, combined with low-cost IoT devices combined with the huge capacity of 5G will transform how we do work.

The deployment of 5G networks will enable faster processing and enormous throughput that can enable a wide range of applications that could not have achieved optimal or safe performance. Imagine, for example, the risk involved in deploying autonomous vehicles if there is any perceivable gap in sensing obstacles and communicating that it is time for the vehicle to stop.
One day in the not-too-distant future, 5G networks will support such high-throughput, speed-demanding use cases. Watch the video to learn more about 5G, the related technologies that will support the applications of the future, and how to leverage 4G LTE today with devices and infrastructure that can migrate and grow with your business.

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