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Accelerated View Pt. 1: Getting Started

Aug 11, 2015 | Length: 10:05
Accelerated View™ Pt. 1: Getting Started
Accelerated View™ Pt. 2: Devices
Accelerated View™ Pt. 3: Notifications

Accelerate Your Network Monitoring, Reporting & Alerts

Our sophisticated cloud-based portal, Accelerated View™ monitors remote wireless data network devices across Tier 1 carriers and service providers. The management portal provides a company with one centralized system to monitor and remotely control Accelerated NetReach™ Wi-Fi Extenders, Accelerated Cellular Extenders, Accelerated Remote Managers, Accelerated Dial-to-IP™ devices and VPN Gateways.

The system has a powerful user interface that allows sorting and searching in order to improve productivity and identify problem patterns. In addition to standard reports, online views can be exported to create ad hoc reports. Data is provided on over 50 items regarding the availability, performance, configuration and location of your devices. Remote devices can be configured by groups or individually, and the firrmware easily updated from a central operations center. Based on user criteria the portal can also send real time alerts to defined e-mail addresses.

Accelerated View™ also allows for the automatic inventory control of wireless data devices. In addition, the systems mapping function provides a visual picture of network status.

Accelerated View features include:

  • Hardened data center
  • IPSec secure communication
  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Unlimited scalability
  • 100% control and security