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Accelerated View Pt. 2: Devices

Aug 11, 2015 | Length: 10:59
Accelerated View™ Pt. 1: Getting Started
Accelerated View™ Pt. 2: Devices
Accelerated View™ Pt. 3: Notifications

Simple, Yet Powerful Software

Accelerated View™ has a powerful and intuitive end-user interface that allows sorting and searching in order to improve productivity and identity problem patterns. The layout of the end-user interface and the information shown can be customized by the end-user who may select from various items regarding the availability, performance, configuration and location of a monitored device. In addition to standard reports, all on-line views can be exported in CSV form to create ad hoc reports.

The Dashboard View identifies all devices in Alert Status and Alerts can also be sent to designated e-mail(s) address(es). New devices can also be classified as ‘installing’ (in process) devices to avoid false alerts. The Map View can be used to view all devices in Alert Status. Drilldown views show regional and individual device maps.

From an individual device screen the Remote Control features allow:

  • Device Reboot
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • Initiate Profile Update
  • Reset of the VPN Tunnel
  • Probe Device for Current Status

Accelerated View™ provides for multiple administrative levels to control feature access and manage remote devices. Users can be allowed to have unlimited control of the devices under their span of control, or can be allowed to view only.