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Digi TransPort® LR54 LTE-Advanced Router Introduction

Digi Product Manager, Andrew Lund gives a first look at the Digi TransPort® LR54 LTE-Advanced router.

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Dec 05, 2016 | Length: 2:13

Digi Product Manager, Andrew Lund gives a first look at the Digi TransPort® LR54 LTE-Advanced router.

The Digi TransPort® LR54 LTE-Advanced router is the ideal solution for digital media, self service kiosks, and other remotely managed network applications. Watch the video to get a break down of its Cat 6 LTE-Advanced speeds, powerful wi-fi with dual radios, remote management capabilities, and industrial hardware design. 


First look at the new Digi Transport LR54 LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) Router

Today we're going to give you a first look at the new Digi Transport LR54 LTE Router. It's an affordable, high-speed LTE-advanced router for branch networking applications like primary and back-up connectivity and M2M applications such as self-service kiosks, digital media displays and WiFi-connected peripherals. So what exactly is LTE-advanced? and what does it bring to the table for you?

What is LTE-Advanced?

LTE-Advanced also called Category 6 or CAT 6 is the latest development in high-speed cellular network technology. It effectively doubles the throughput of an LTE-connected device. Digi Transport LR54 was designed for speed and security right from the ground up so rather than taking an existing hardware platform and just adding an LTE-advanced radio, we doubled the memory and processing speed to be able to take full advantage of the latest LTE-network enhancements.

The Digi Transport LR54 LTE-Advanced is feature equipped for M2M application

We also include Dual WiFi with 802.11ac and a 4 port gigabit Ethernet switch. Digi Transport LR54 also supports Digi TrustFence which is our security functionality that gives you secure boot, secure key storage and secure messaging. A rugged metal enclosure with an extended temperature range makes Digi Transport LR54 stand out from the crowd. Unlike most other LTE-advanced appliances on the market, this purpose-built device is brilliant enough to handle most M2M applications.

The The Digi Transport LR54 LTE-Advanced Pre-certified for the Verizon and AT&T LTE networks

So important usability improvements have been included as well like a re-designed Web UI, getting started wizard and VPN Wizard but also out-of-the-box it will phone home to Digi-remote Manager and check for new firmware and pull its configuration down. These are all designed to make the LR54 easier to set-up and deploy in the field. Two versions with or without WiFi are both certified on Verizon and AT&T but importantly a single-part number will cover all of North America as well as most European LTE networks.

So that's a first look at Digi Transport LR54. The affordable, high-speed LTE-advanced router for your retail and M2M applications.