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Introducing the Digi WR54 and Digi WR64 Cellular Routers

Learn how you can combine multiple communications applications with a single, secure cellular router with truly segmented private and public data flow.

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Jan 08, 2019 | Length: 3:18

Learn how you can combine multiple communications applications with a single, secure cellular router with truly segmented private and public data flow.

Transportation and industrial operations require rugged, reliable and secure IoT connectivity solutions to transmit mission-critical data communications. Transit system integrators need cellular connectivity for engine and driver performance, fleet tracking and logistics, fare collection, passenger Wi-Fi, and FirstNet® for first responders. Industrial organizations, such as utilities and process plants, must monitor high-value assets in the field, often in harsh environments and remote areas.

Learn how you can combine multiple private and public communication applications with a single secure router, while keeping an eye on the always evolving future with the new Digi® WR64 and the FirstNet Ready™ Digi® WR54 LTE-Advanced cellular routers.


This is the city…filled with the hustle of people getting from here to there. And back again.

In trains, light rail and buses, two types of cellular connections are in use—secure access for private transit operational data, like fare collection and engine performance, to high-speed public Wi-Fi for busy on-the-go passengers, who won’t tolerate downtime.

Inside emergency vehicles…and at every street corner… critical IoT data is being exchanged. All via private, cellular connections.

Public, private, or both—all your transit communications can be simplified with a single connectivity solution—a router from Digi, purpose-built for transportation environments.

Digi offers routers ideally suited for wireless connectivity and “data on the move." In fact, Digi WR54 and WR64 routers are the wireless backbone for transportation connectivity. For truly segmented private and public data flow in complex transit environments, integrate the new Digi WR64 high performance, dual mode cellular router.

The Digi WR64 is easily configured for both public high-speed, passenger Wi-Fi access…and isolated, private vehicle data communications. This LTE-Advanced router with true enterprise- class routing is designed to support the sophisticated demands of today, as well as the emerging capabilities of 5G. When you need rugged, private vehicle data connection and communication, the Digi WR54 is the reliable and secure cellular router that’s ideal for vehicles on the go.

Digi WR54 routers deliver LTE-Advanced connectivity in demanding applications and challenging transit environments, including mission critical situations for first responders. And they’re built to stay reliable, even when extreme temperatures, dirt, dust or vibration come into play.

Beyond managing data on the move, Digi routers can also direct content on multiple digital signage locations through a single cellular interface. No more need for a router at every location with every sign. They can help control traffic at intersections, too—monitoring flow, control signals, cameras and more—to keep things moving, especially in the event of an accident or emergency. And in a variety of industrial locations that require rugged, high performance cellular data routing, the Digi WR54 or WR64 will keep the situation under control.

Keep your device deployments on track – update firmware, or schedule and automate tasks – all from your desktop, tablet or smartphone with Digi Remote Manager®. And keep private data private with fully integrated Digi TrustFence security features… while you keep passengers happy with non-stop access to high-speed Wi-Fi.

Count on Digi, with over thirty years of experience and millions of devices deployed …for industry-leading IoT connectivity and expertise. Connect with confidence… with your partner for the right solutions when your data is on the move.