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Why Endress+Hauser Chose Digi Connect Sensor+ Cellular Gateway for Remote Locations

Digi Connect Sensor+ cellular gateway is paired with Endress+Hauser’s inventory management solution for wireless connectivity and bi-directional communications to help customers better plan tank replenishment.

Endress+Hauser looked to Digi to help develop a more robust inventory management system to take better advantage of the data from their flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement devices. Most customers were still in the manual inventory monitoring mode, unable to automate the replenishment process to get product when and where they needed on a dependable basis. Digi Connect Sensor helped E+H collect and deliver the information customers needed to make more timely replenishment decisions.
May 09, 2017
Show Transcript

Endress+Hauser is a manufacturer of instrumentation measurement technology for the process industry. We are serving chemical industry, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, primaries and water and wastewater reserve-focused industries. And there we can measure pretty much every process variable you can measure.

You will be surprised how much conventional ways you find how they do that. So it's a lot of manual work still there, starting from the measurement from manually scribbling the inventories and putting it manually in an ERP system. So what we do is we provide this inventory information into the business process. Unique as certainly that our customers can get everything out of one hand, so from the sensor from the physical world via the connectivity of the data, converting this into information up to the level where we integrate this information into our customer's business process, their ERP landscape, so to say.

The connect sensor is collecting this information. Let's say we measure every 15 minutes, we measure every hour, which is close to real time in logistics and processes, and we send it 1, 2, 3 times a day to our solution, to our cloud platform with the software. The software then triggers this replenishment process. You can also do forecasting because you know the history of the consumption of your materials, or you can do a forecasting with an assumption at what time you need to have the replenishment process started in order not...or in order to make sure that you don't run out of material.

And people are looking for someone who really has a history in this market, in this technology as well, who prove that they can adapt with this fast changing market requirements. Digi was always very responsive to our requirements, also to requirements that we brought back from our launching process, where we talked with our salespeople and customers. We are in a direct contact on the one end side with the product manager in the U.S. and also with the sales organization of Digi here in Europe or Germany, and I have to say all of them are very responsive and helpful.