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Using XCTU to Invoke the Bootloader

Sometimes you have trouble talking to an XBee - perhaps the baud rate is unknown, or the firmware within it disables the serial port. If you work with the XBee AIO or DIO adapters, you will probably need to use this procedure.

You can help XCTU reflash the XBee by manually activating the XBee Bootloader.

  • Open an X-CTU Terminal Window
  • Change Baud to 115200
  • Assert/check DTR, De-assert/uncheck RTS, Assert/check Break
  • Hit the /RESET button on the XBee development board (example: XBIB)
  • De-assert/uncheck Break
  • Click mouse on the Terminal Window, then Type a ‘B’ and hit the carriage return (the ‘B’ must be CAPS)
  • The XBee should return the Bootloader Menu that looks something like this:

Screen shot of XCTU

  • Without resetting or power cycling the XBee go to the Modem Config Tab
  • Check ‘Always Update Firmware’ & select firmware you wish to load
  • Hit Write

If this procedure does not work, then perhaps your XBee (or development board) is damaged.

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