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Short Message Service (SMS)

Short Message Service (SMS) is a communication service standardized in the GSM mobile communication system, which moves 140 octets (8-bit bytes) of data per message - however various encoding schemes reduces this in actual practice. For example, an email-to-SMS gateway might add 20 octets of header encoding the 'From:' email header field as text, so the actual text payload size drops towards 100 octets.

Summary of Wiki Pages

Understanding if your Digi Product Supports SMS

Digi cellular products with GSM cellular modems and firmware version 2.9.0 and above can support SMS messaging from Python.
See Wiki Page: What is Your Product Firmware Level?

Enabling SMS Support within Digi Products

By default SMS is disabled, so you need to enable support for SMS.
See Wiki Page: Enabling SMS Support in Digi products

Understanding the Digi SMS Python Module

In Summary:

  • You must enable SMS handling in the base Digi product using the web interface or other means
  • Register a Python callback using the digisms.Callback()
  • Use digisms.send() to send messages

See Wiki Page: Describing the Python Module: SMS

Sending SMS from your host tool

Host applications can use email to send SMS messages via standard IP connections. This wiki page presents a sample python script using or other ISP email services.
See Wiki Page: Hosts sending SMS messages via Email

Sample Digi-to-Digi SMS Demo

Sample Python code showing sending messages, and displaying messages received.
See Wiki Page: SMS Samples Digi to Digi

Sample using SMS to open reverse TCP socket to host

( Wiki page to Be Added Soon )

Sample Dia driver sending SMS

( Wiki page to Be Added Soon )

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