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Product Information
Product Name:ConnectPort X2e
Digi Product Page:Digi Gateway Summary


Product Description

The ConnectPort X2e family is a low-cost IP to XBee gateway targeted at residential and light commercial use. Some models include WiFi. All antenna are internal. The Xbee supported is only the newer SMT modules such as the XBee ZB SMT (or S2C). As of June 2012, only ZigBee or ZB/Smart Energy are supported.

Unlike the older ConnectPort X2 or X4, the X2e is designed for use primarily with the iDigi Device Cloud. The core operation system is Linux, however as of June 2012 none of the models give customers access to add or modify the Linux code directly.

Feature List

  • Small size: 3 x 3 x 1 inch (7.62 cm x 7.62 cm x 2.54 cm)
  • Security: SSL tunnels
  • Ethernet Port: RJ-45, 10/100Mhz, Half or Full Duplex, auto-sensing
  • Optional WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n, ad-hoc and Ap Client modes only (Access Point mode not yet supported)
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM, 128 MB Flash (user available memory varies by firmware and functions active)
  • Power Supply: 5vdc from included AC wall transformer. Typically 1.2 watts, maximum 2.5 watts.
  • real time clock: No - NTP access is required to create an iDigi connection.
  • Operating Temperature: 0° C to 40° C (32° F to 104° F)
  • Python version: 2.7.1
  • Development: Digi ESP for Python version 2.1 or newer

Compatibility Comments

  • The X2e has no CLI or Commandline interface. Python code using the Module:digicli will not run on the X2e.
  • The X2e uses Python 2.7.1, whereas the X2/X4 use 2.4.3. In general, this won't cause a problem porting X2/X4 code to the X2e, but may cause problems porting in the other direction.
  • The X2e SE cannot be used for development purposes. The X2e ZB has an SSH login, which does not offer root access.
  • Since the X2e always uses SSL/TLS to iDigi, NTP access is required to validate security certificates, and therefore NTP is required for device operation.

Family Models

ConnectPort X2e SE (Smart Energy 1.1)

Both domestic and international models include a low-power XBee Module (6.3mW/+8dBm) loaded with Smart Energy 1.1 firmware. The Python code is locked and no user login exists with high enough priority to allow users to add or modify anything on the X2e SE. To see the local web interface, you must push the black button in the upper left corner. This activates the web page for a number of minutes before disabling it. The ConnectPort X2e SE cannot be converted to an X2e ZB in the field.

ConnectPort X2e ZB (Python programmable)

Domestic models include a high-power Xbee module (63mW/+18dBm), while international models include a low-power XBee Module (6.3mW/+8dBm). SSH is used to log into the X2e, and SCP is used to copy files to and from it. The local web interface is NOT locked by the button. iDigi allows users to enable such a lock, or the button is available to Python programs. The ConnectPort X2e ZB cannot be converted to an X2e SE in the field.

Special Linux Commands

If you have a model which allows SSH access, then you will find X2e-specific commands such as these.

Xbee Utilities

XBee utilities
    xbee [command ...]
    refresh                            {Discover network devices}
    zigbee                             {Discover ZigBee devices}
    clear                              {Clear list and discover devices}
    id|network|extended|node|product   {Sort node list by field}
    [node] <CC>[[=]param]              {Run AT command on device:
                                       <CC> is 2 character upper case command
                                       param is <decimal>, 0x<hex>, or "string"}
    load_profile [node] file           {Load settings from file}
    factory_default [node]             {Restore factory default settings}
    restart                            {Restart gateway radio}
    child_table node                   {Display child table}
    neighbor_table node                {Display neighbor table}
    source_route node                  {Display source route}
    route destination [source]         {Display route}
    identify                           {Display identify messages}
    identify node [seconds]            {Send identify message}
    ping node [count size interval_ms] {Send loopback data}
    fw_update [file]                   {Update gateway radio firmware}
    fw_update target [updater] [file]  {Schedule remote firmware update}
    fw_update target cancel            {Cancel remote firmware update}
    fw_update                          {Display firmware status list}
    fw_status [node]                   {Display firmware status for node}

Python Modules

In general, the ConnectPort X2e supports a larger set of common Python modules.

Digi-Specific Modules NOT supported

The ConnectPort X2e does not support these commonly used modules, plus any not listed as supported should be assumed unsupported:

  • Module:cwm (this module is obsolete)
  • Module:digicli (Programmable X2e have a linux login, not a digi command-line)
  • Module:digipowercontrol (The X2e has no ability to sleep or power off sections of hardware)
  • Module:digiwdog (The X2e has no external hardware to make this reliable, so it is disabled)
  • Module:digiweb (The X2e does not have a custom Digi-specific web server such the X4 does)
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