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DIA (Device Integration Application) is software that simplifies connecting devices (sensors, PLCs, etc.) to communication gateways. DIA includes a comprehensive library of plug-ins that work out-of-the-box with common device types and can also be extended to include new devices. DIA's unique architecture allows the user to add most of these new devices in under a day.


DIA is designed upon a tested architecture that provides the core functions of remote device data acquisition, control, and presentation between devices and information platforms. It collects data from any device that can communicate with a Digi gateway, and is supported over any gateway physical interface. Digi DIA presents this data to upstream applications in fully customizable formats, significantly reducing a customer’s time-to-market.

Written in the Python programming language for use on Digi devices, DIA may also be executed on a PC for prototyping purposes when a suitable Python® interpreter is installed.

Drivers & Presentations

One of DIA's strengths as a "connector" application is its ability to quickly and easily add new devices (drivers) and presentations (data extraction).

Click DIA Drivers and Presentations to download drivers and presentations for your own use and modification."


DIA education materials are maintained at Create your own developer account and you'll have instant access to DIA training information as well as the ability to develop and test online with the Device Cloud. Look under "resources."

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