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Configuring the Massa M300 Ultrasonic sensor on an RS-485 Serial Adapter in DIA

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YML Example

YML examples should be added, and the settings below better tagged as optional, required and any default information.

  - name: tank07
    driver: devices.vendors.massa.massa_m300:MassaM300
        xbee_device_manager: xbee_device_manager
        extended_address: "00:13:A2:00:40:4A:21:DB!"
        poll_rate_sec: 15

DocString from Python Code

Below is the docstring copied from the driver file in ./src/devices/vendors/massa/massa_m300.py. It is here since many users are not comfortable trying to browse or read Python files.

Massa M-300 Driver Connected to XBee 485 Adapter Driver

Supports a Massa M-300 device connected to a XBee 485 driver.  The following
Massa M-300 devices are supported:

    M-300/95 (min 12 in. / max. 180 in.)
    M-300/150 (min 7 in. / max. 96 in.)
    M-300/210 (min 4 in. / max. 50 in.)

Wiring information:

    M-300 Brown --> XBee 485 Pin 1 (485 Port B {+})
    M-300 Green --> XBee 485 Pin 2 (485 Port A {-})
    M-300 Black --> XBee 485 Pin 5 (GND)
    M-300 Red   --> XBee 485 Pin 6 (+12 DC)
    M-300 White --> Not Connected

XBee RS-485 DIP Switch Configuration:

    Pins 2, 3, 4 = ON (RS-485 Mode)
    Pins 5, 6    = OFF (Disable Bias, Termination)

NOTE: this driver at present does not support any sleep modes.

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