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This page is supposed to introduce you into a sample Device Cloud application. These are the special points that are demonstrated in this demo:

  • The demos shows the advantages of Device Cloud and our Drop in Networking products:
 - Build local intelligence with the Python programming engine that works even without Cellular Connectivity
 - Connect to the Devices easily via Device Cloud without knowing the IP address 
  • The local intelligence toggles power control adapter either based on sensor info or I/O toggle (Push button)
  • Remote connection to the demo is done via a hosted website that includes the access via Webservices (XML Messages)
 This website shows as well the Energy information provided by the smartplug (load, work, Current, Voltage..)
  • It is also possible to connect to the device via a smartphone, showing this website.



The Demo configuration is shown as below:

iDigi Energy Demo Setup


The CPX has to be equipped with these python files:

  • (generated with make command)

To generate the shown above, you also need the complete DIA demo folder which can be downloaded in the last section of this page.

Getting started

  1. first step...
  2. second step...

How it works / How it looks

1. Local intelligence

  • Switch 2 on the XBee Development Board turns on the power control adapter. => Light on.
  • Switch 3 turns it off
  • Switch 4 activates the "auto mode": If the /L/T/H Sensor Adapter measures a light value below a specific level, the power control is turned on, otherwise it is turned off.
  • LED 1 represents the state of the power control adapter.
  • LED 2 represents the state of the auto mode.

Please visit this page for details.

2. Remote Access

  • You can access to the power control information via the Device Cloud server and using any browser-enabled device.
  • A dedicated web site allows you to remotely change the state of the demo (switching on/off manually or (de-)activating the auto mode.

Here is a screenshot of the iDigi Easy Demo web interface:

iDigi Easy Demo screenshot

Interesting Code

We will give you a short introduction in the key source code, soon with more detail.

Beside the standard DIA library, you need three new pieces:

- device driver for the smartplug
- presentation that contains the local intelligence
- the .yml file, here is an example


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