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Device Cloud
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Device Cloud is a machine-to-machine (M2M) platform-as-a-service. Device Cloud lowers the barriers to building secure, scalable, cost-effective solutions that seamlessly tie together enterprise applications and device assets. Device Cloud manages the communication between enterprise applications and remote device assets, regardless of location or network. It makes connecting remote assets easy, providing all of the tools to connect, manage, store and move information across the near and far reaches of the enterprise.


End-to-End M2M Delivery
Device Cloud extends application reach from legacy communication products to include and embrace the new generation of wireless gateways and modules, empowering a breadth and extensibility unavailable before. Digi complements the Device Cloud with a robust family of connectivity products, device design, site planning and optimization consulting services.

On-Demand M2M Platform-as-a-Service
Device Cloud is an On-Demand Service Platform. There are no infrastructure requirements. Customers pay only for the devices (communications gateways) that subscribe to the platform. Devices attach to Device Cloud using a connector application; business applications connect via standards-based Web Services. Customers are freed from the labors of device and application connectivity.

Device Cloud includes:

  • Device connector software DIA that simplifies remote device connectivity and integration
  • Management (configure, upgrade, monitor, alarm, analyze) application for Digi connectivity products including ZigBee nodes
  • Application messaging engine with broadcast and receipt notification for application-to-device interaction and confirmation
  • Cache and permanent storage options for generation-based storage and on-demand access to historical device samples
  • Application-focused offer bundles with ready-to-use illustrative applications

Device Cloud Education

Device Cloud education materials are maintained at Create your own developer account and you'll have instant access to Dia training information as well as the ability to develop and test online with the Device Cloud. Look under "resources."

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