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Attention: This page is under construction!



This page is supposed to introduce you into a further sample Device Cloud application. These are the special points that are demonstrated in this demo:

  • The application is available via Device Cloud service although the ConnectPort X has a private IP in the cellular network.
  • There is local intelligence that remotely toggles a Digi RPM device if some sensor values are dropping below a specific level.
  • It is also possible to configure the power control via a website.



The Demo configuration is shown as below:

iDigi RPM Demo Setup


The CPX has to be equipped with these python files:

  • (generated with make command)

To generate the shown above, you also need the complete DIA demo folder which can be downloaded in the last section of this page.

Getting started

  1. first step...

Please don't forget to make sure that the Serial port is free for use by Python. Otherwise you cannot open the COM1 in the python code.

In the CLI the setting should be:

 set term port=1 state=off

In the CPX website the Serial Config should show:

  Port 1 None Custom 9600  8N1 or
  Port 1 None Unassigned Custom 9600  8N1 

Don't forget to reboot after changing the setting!

  1. second step...

How it works / How it looks

1. Local intelligence

  • If the XBee Wall Router measures a light value below a specific level, the RPM power outlet is turned on, otherwise it is turned off.
  • Please refer to Remote Power Management Demo for details on how to configure an Digi RPM device via Python.

2. Remote Access

  • You can access to the power control information via the Device Cloud server and using any browser enabled device.
  • A dedicated web site allows you to remotely change the state of the demo (switching on/off manually or (de-)activating the auto mode.

Here is a screenshot of the iDigi Energy Demo web interface:

iDigi RPM Demo screenshot

Interesting Code

We will give you a short introduction in the key source code, soon.


There is no source, yet.

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