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New and Cool Items on this Site

Python-based SmartPlug Sensor Example: Access and control a Digi remote power management sensor (called a "smartplug") from anywhere using the iDigi platform. Written in Python using web services.

Create your own custom command to list nodes in Node Identifier, Extended MAC Address or Product Type order with this fully functional application for you Digi ConnectPort X2/X4/X8 gateway.

Digicli: interacting with the underlying Operating System from within Python

Read and write the Realtime clock: Commonly asked questions about collecting and handling time values -- updated information

Simple Traffic Generator : Code to generate UDP traffic to keep a VPN connection up on one of our Cellular VPN Gateways.

Remote Power Management Demo : Demonstration of using a Digi RPM to manage power to remote devices.

Dry contact monitoring using serial signal lines : Easy Dry contact using RS-232 port

Reading from ZipFiles on the Gateway : How to read files in .zips on the Gateway

Reading RSSI Values : How to gather the RSSI values from the modules visible to a Gateway

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