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Product Information
Product Name:XBee Display
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Note: This product is under development

It is not released, nor available by normal channels. Please Contact Digi if you have an interest in testing or discussing options.

Product Description

Programming Options

There are many options to consider when making wireless programmatic access to an XBee network of devices or device adapters. In broad terms, one may write a program which runs on a PC to interact with a network or one may use a gateway device, such a ConnectPort X [2] gateway.

When using a PC, one may consider using the simplistic and easy "AT-Command" mode for the XBee attached to the computer. Although using this mode is straight-forward it does not offer one as fine of control as when using the "API mode" firmware option.

One may also consider using a Digi ConnectPort X family of gateway device to provide additional intelligence and flexibility when connecting to a network of wireless devices. The ConnectPort X [3] offers a customizable Python Programming Environment and instant connectivity to the Device Cloud Management Platform. The ConnectPort X offers users the ability to choose to write their own applications from the ground-up, using Digi's and Python's[4] reference and example information, or to use the highly extensible DIA Application to collect and aggregate information.

DIA Configuration and Programming Examples

Python Programming Examples

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