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Product Information
Product Name:XBee USB Adapter
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Product Description

The XBee USB Adapter provides short-range wireless connectivity to any USB device. Unlike an embedded wireless module, which requires design integration and development time, these off-the-shelf adapters provide instant wireless connectivity to existing USB devices. All XBee adapters can be used with Digi's ConnectPort X gateways for data aggregation and IP connectivity

The XBee USB Adapter is a bus-powered device.

Programming Options

There are many options to consider when making wireless programmatic access to an XBee network of devices or device adapters. In broad terms, one may write a program which runs on a PC to interact with a network or one may use a gateway device, such a ConnectPort X [2] gateway.

When using a PC, one may consider using the simplistic and easy "AT-Command" mode for the XBee attached to the computer. Although using this mode is straight-forward it does not offer one as fine of control as when using the "API mode" firmware option.

One may also consider using a Digi ConnectPort X family of gateway device to provide additional intelligence and flexibility when connecting to a network of wireless devices. The ConnectPort X [3] offers a customizable Python Programming Environment and instant connectivity to the Device Cloud Management Platform. The ConnectPort X offers users the ability to choose to write their own applications from the ground-up, using Digi's and Python's[4] reference and example information, or to use the highly extensible DIA Application to collect and aggregate information.

iDigi Dia Configuration and Programming Examples

Python Programming Examples

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