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This page is to describe a method of transporting data from a TCP IP network to a XBee network on a Digi Gateway product. The goal of the script included on this page is to provide a simple way of setting up the transportation service without needing to know the peculiarities of the XBee network. Once the service is setup, that it will provide best-effort* delivery of data between the two networks.

  • Best effort varies between network protocols. In protocols that support network layer ACKs and retries, they are used and respected where possible. Consult the specifications of the protocol for more information.

Overview of the code

Included on this page are three separate code pieces:

  • xbee_info.py - Contains particular information about the XBee protocol such as bind args and maximum packet size. Used as a library for other scripts and not called directly.
  • xbee_generator.py - A script that creates a table of information mapping the TCP IP network to the XBee network. It uses repeated discoveries coupled with protocol specific information to generate a dictionary between the 64 bit MAC address of XBee nodes and a TCP port number.
  • xbee_transport.py - The script that implements the data transfer service between the TCP IP network and the XBee network. It pulls in information from xbee_info.py for the XBee socket binding arguments and maximum packet size to be used over the XBee network. It imports the dictionary produced from xbee_generator.py to use as the mapping.

For the sake of briefness, this page will only go into depth on xbee_transport.py.


Update: Using only the updated code. Includes fix for NDS migration from 2.8 and below to 2.9+.

from socket import *
from select import *
from time import clock
from bind_table import node_list
import xbee_info
bind_args, xb_psize = xbee_info.get_xbee_info()
sock_port   = {}
sock_client = {}
sock_queue  = {}
client_list = []
listen_list = []
def cleanup(client):
  sock = sock_client[client]
  sock_client[sock] = None
  del sock_client[client]
  client = None 
def main():
  print "Creating lookup table"  
  for dest, port in node_list.items():
    node_list[port] = dest
    sock = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)
    sock.bind(("", port))
    sock_port[sock] = port
    sock_port[port] = sock
    sock_client[sock] = None
  print "Creating xbee socket"
  print "Bind args are: ", bind_args
  print "Packet size is: ", xb_psize
  xb_sock.setsockopt(XBS_SOL_EP, XBS_SO_EP_SYNC_TX, 1)
  TCP_BUFFERING_TIME = .300 #Time to buffer TCP packets, helps with zigbee fragmentation
                            #and may reduce TCP cost to send data
  quit_sock = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM)
  quit_sock.bind(('', 40001))
  xb_queue = []
  print "Entering mainloop"
  while True:
    read_list = [xb_sock] + listen_list + client_list + [quit_sock]
    write_list = [xb_sock] + client_list
    rl, wl, el = select(read_list, write_list, [], 1.0)
    if xb_sock in rl:
      data, addr = xb_sock.recvfrom(8192)
      print "Received %d bytes from address: " %len(data), addr      
      new_addr = (addr[0], addr[1], addr[2], addr[3])
      if new_addr in node_list:
        print "addr in node_list dict"
        port = node_list[new_addr]        
        sock = sock_port[port]        
        if sock_client[sock] is not None:
          print "Queueing data to be sent out TCP port"
          print "Clock time is: %f" %clock()
          if len(sock_queue[sock]) == 0:
            print "Queue is empty, appending data"
            sock_queue[sock].append((data, clock()))
            packet_data, packet_time = sock_queue[sock][-1]
            if clock() - packet_time <= TCP_BUFFERING_TIME:
              print "Queue has item, meets TCP_BUFFERING_TIME condition, appending data to previous packet"              
              sock_queue[sock][-1] = (packet_data + data, packet_time)
              print "Queue has item, but is too old, not appending data to previous packet, appending to queue instead"
              sock_queue[sock].append((data, clock()))
    if xb_sock in wl and len(xb_queue) != 0:
      data, addr = xb_queue[0]
      send_size = (len(data) < xb_psize) and len(data) or xb_psize
      print "Writing %d bytes to dest: %s" %(send_size, dest)
        sent = xb_sock.sendto(data[:send_size], 0, addr)        
      except Exception, e:
        print "Exception occured sending to address: %s" %addr       
        port = node_list[addr]
        sock = sock_port[port]
        if sock_client[sock] is not None:
          print "Sending error message to tcp client"
          sock_queue[sock].append(("ERROR: Destination %s could not be sent %s for reason: %s" %(addr, data, e), 0))
        if sent == len(data):
          xb_queue[0] = data[sent:], addr
    for sock in listen_list:
      if sock in rl:
        client, addr = sock.accept()
        print "Received TCP connection from address: ", addr
        sock_client[sock] = client
        sock_client[client] = sock
        sock_queue[sock]   = []        
    for client in client_list:
      if client in rl:
        print "Reading from client"
          data = client.recv(8192)
          print "Received %d bytes from TCP connection" %len(data)
        except Exception, e:
          print e
        if len(data) == 0:
        sock = sock_client[client]
        port = sock_port[sock]
        xb_queue.append((data, node_list[port]))
    for client in client_list:
      if client in wl:        
        sock = sock_client[client]
        if len(sock_queue[sock]) != 0:
          data, packet_time = sock_queue[sock][0]
          if clock() - packet_time >= TCP_BUFFERING_TIME:
            ##Data is ready to send
            print "Sending data, clock time is: %f" %clock()          
              sent = client.send(data)
              print "Wrote %d bytes out TCP connection" %sent
            except Exception, e:
              print e
            if sent == len(data):
              sock_queue[sock][0] = (data[sent:], packet_time)
    if quit_sock in rl:
      raise KeyboardInterrupt("Stopping script, quit sock activated")
if __name__ == '__main__':

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