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RabbitCore® RCM3600 Series

Microprocessor core module

Digi Device Cloud
  • Rabbit 3000 microprocessor at 22 MHz
  • Up to 512K Flash/512K SRAM
  • 33 parallel digital I/O with configurable options
  • 4 serial ports (IrDA, HDLC, async, SPI)
  • Product datasheet
  • Secure, anywhere management using Device Manager

The RabbitCore RCM3600 is a perfect introduction into embedded control and monitoring. Its small size and ease of integration when paired with Dynamic C® allow engineers to develop a control and monitoring solution for many of today’s applications. The RCM3600 mounts directly onto a user-designed motherboard with a single 2x20 dual row IDC header, interfacing with all types of CMOS-compatible digital devices. Built-in low EMI features, including a clock spectrum spreader, practically eliminate EMI problems, which helps with passing CE and RF emissions tests.

Rabbit hardware and Dynamic C are designed in a complementary fashion for maximum performance and ease of use in embedded systems. The additional software components in Dynamic C allow you to add functionality for customized embedded applications.

Device Manager

Device Manager is a feature of all Digi cellular gateways, routers, devices and components. Device Manager provides a robust suite of network management tools including authentication, configuration management, account management, asynchronous updates and alerts, group and individual software updating, network data storage and gateway programming.

Device Manager empowers IT, network operations and customer support organizations to conquer the challenges of managing the vast array of cellular equipment in their device networks. Network managers can remotely configure, upgrade, monitor and troubleshoot remote devices, and create applications that improve productivity, speed and efficiency.

The RCM3600 RabbitCore is the lowest priced Rabbit® 3000 microprocessor based core module designed for a wide variety of applications. The RCM3600 features 512K Flash / 512K SRAM or 256K Flash / 128K SRAM, 4 serial ports, and an extremely small footprint (2.11" × 1.23" / 54 × 31 mm). The RCM3610 is the least expensive of the Rabbit 3000 microprocessor based core modules with a development kit price of $239. Extensive demo programs and software application templates make it easy to get the RCM3600 up and running in record time.

This RabbitCore mounts directly on a user-designed motherboard with a single 0.1" (2.54 mm) 2x20 dual-row IDC header and can interface with all manner of CMOS-compatible digital devices. 33 digital I/O (shared with serial ports), power, and other signals are routed directly to the motherboard. Built-in low – EMI features, including a clock spectrum spreader, practically eliminate EMI problems, helping OEMs pass European CE and other regulatory RF emissions tests.

The RCM3600 is equipped with +5 VDC tolerant I/O, quadrature encoder inputs, PWM outputs, and pulse capture and measurement capabilities. The RCM3600 also features a battery-backable real-time clock, glueless memory and I/O interfacing, and low-power "sleepy" modes. An alternate I/O bus can be configured for 8 data lines and 6 address lines (shared with parallel I/O).

Programmed with Rabbit's Dynamic C® integrated development environment, the RCM3600 executes math, logic, and I/O exceptionally quickly. The Rabbit 3000 microprocessor, RCM3600, and Dynamic C were designed in a complementary fashion for maximum performance and ease of use in embedded systems. Rabbit's industry-proven Dynamic C development system is a C language environment that includes an editor, compiler, and in-circuit debugger. User programs can be compiled, executed, and debugged using Dynamic C and a programming cable-no in-circuit emulator is required. An extensive library of drivers and sample programs is provided.

Key Features

  • Powerful Rabbit 3000 microprocessor
  • Low-profile footprint: 2.11" x 1.23" x 0.62" (54 x 31 x 16mm)
  • Up to 512K Flash / 512K SRAM
  • 33 digital I/O, alternate I/O bus
  • Up to 4 serial ports (IrDA, HDLC, asynch, sync, SPI)
  • 5 VDC input, 3.3 VDC interface

Design Advantages

  • Low-cost solution
  • Ready-made platform for fast time-to-market, up to 3 months design integration time savings.
  • Compact size
  • Dynamic C® development environment for real-time development and debugging
  • Exceptionally fast performance for math, logic, I/O


  • Handheld devices & Instrumentation
  • Remote Data Logging

Designing with RabbitCores

The RabbitCore family of microprocessor core modules is designed to facilitate rapid development and implementation of embedded systems. RabbitCores are powered by high-performance 8-bit Rabbit microprocessors with extensive integrated features and a C-friendly instruction set designed for use with the Dynamic C development system. The RabbitCore mounts on a user-designed motherboard and acts as the controlling microprocessor for the user's system. Small in size but packed with powerful features, these core modules give designers a complete package for control and communication.

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RCM3600 RabbitCore Development Kit
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Models North America: International:  
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20-101-0672 BUY ONLINE
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RCM3600 RabbitCore Development Kit
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RS-232-to-USB Converter Cable
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Rabbit Cloning Board
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Keypad/Display Unit. (Cable not included)
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Panel-Mount Keypad/Display Unit. Water-resistant remote keypad/display, 7-key/122 x 32 pixel LCD. (Cable not included)
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USB Programming Cable with 1.27 mm Connectors
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Serial Programming Cable with 1.27 mm Connectors
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Specifications RCM3600 RCM3610
Microprocessor Low-EMI Rabbit® 3000 @ 22 MHz
Flash Memory 512K 512K
SRAM 512K 512K
Backup Battery Connection for user-supplied backup battery (to support RTC and SRAM)
General Purpose I/O 33 parallel digital I/0 lines:
  • 31 configurable I/O
  • 2 fixed outputs
Additional I/O Reset
Auxiliary I/O Bus Can be configured for 8 data lines and 5 address lines (shared with parallel I/O lines), plus I/O read/write
Serial Ports Four 3.3V CMOS-compatible ports configurable as:
  • 4 asynchronous serial ports (with IrDA) or
  • 3 clocked serial ports (SPI) plus 1 HDLC (with IrDA) or
  • 1 clocked serial port (SPI) plus 2 HDLC serial ports (with IrDA)
Serial Rate Maximum asynchronous baud rate = CLK/8
Slave Interface A slave port allows the RCM3600 to be used as an intelligent peripheral device slaved to a master processor, which may either be another Rabbit 3000 or any other type of processor
Real-Time Clock Yes
Timers Ten 8-bit timers (6 cascadable), one 10-bit timer with 2 match registers
Watchdog/Supervisor Yes
Pulse-Width Modulators 4 PWM output channels with 10-bit free-running counter and priority interrupts
Input Capture/Quadrature Decoder 2-channel input capture can be used to time input signals from various port pins
  • 1 quadrature decoder unit accepts inputs from external incremental encoder modules or
  • 1 quadrature decoder unit shared with 2 PWM channels
Power 5V ±0.25VDC 60 mA @ 22.1 MHz, 5V; 38 mA @ 11.06 MHz, 5V
Operating Temperature -40° C to +85° C
Humidity 5% to 95%, non-condensing
Connectors One 2 x 20, 0.1” pitch
Board Size 1.23” × 2.11” × 0.62” (31 mm × 54 mm × 16 mm)
Price and Part Number $49; 20-101-0672 $45; 20-101-0673
Development Kit and Part Number $239; 101-0679

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