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Volume 1, Issue 2
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Agricultural Monitoring Made Easier with XBee
Apitronics is a start-up that is making wireless sensor and automation networks better and more affordable for agriculture. Their XBee-enabled wireless platform includes a base station, or "Hive," that coordinates a swarm of field-ready "Bees" which collect data and control switches. The solutions allows farmers to monitor a garden or a thousand-acre farming operation and set up alerts for out-of-spec conditions. Read More >
Tech Tip: Using Remote AT Commands to Toggle an IO on Remote XBee
Using API mode, it is possible to send commands from a transmitting radio to a receiving radio. This allows for module parameter registers on a remote device to be queried or set. One useful application of this feature is to toggle an IO on a remote radio from a high to a low state. In this manner the radios can be used as a wireless relay to control a wide variety of remote devices. Read More >
New XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit
The new XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit brings the Internet of Things to the popular XBee platform. Built around Digi’s new XBee Wi-Fi module, which fully integrates into Device Cloud by Etherios™, the kit is a simple way for anyone with an interest in M2M and the Internet of Things to build a hardware prototype and integrate it into an internet-based application. This kit is suitable for electronics engineers, software designers, educators, makers and innovators of all kinds. Read More >
Libelium Uses XBee to Monitor Harsh, Difficult-to-Reach Environments
Using XBee modules as the main communication radios, the R&D team at Libelium developed the Waspmote – a low-power wireless sensor that can detect a variety of parameters such as humidity, temperature, CO2 emissions, heartbeats and vibrations. The sensor can be used in industries including agriculture, environmental, logistics and security. Just one example is monitoring shipping container conditions such as irregular temperatures and humidity levels, and detecting whether the products have been contaminated or suffered an impact during transport. Read More >
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