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Digi XBee® Cellular LTE Cat 1

Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 embedded modems provide OEMs with a simple way to integrate cellular connectivity into their devices

  • Development kits and modems now shipping
  • Convenient Digi data plans available for Digi XBee Cellular
  • FCC certified and Carrier End-device certified for Verizon
  • Smallest end-device certified cellular modem
  • XBee Transparent and API modes simplify s/w design
  • Integrated MicroPython programmability enables custom scripting directly on the modem
  • OTA firmware updates
  • Enhanced with Digi TrustFence® security framework
  • Manage and configure with XCTU and Digi Remote Manager®
How to Buy

Digi is excited to bring together the power and flexibility of the Digi XBee ecosystem with the latest 4G cellular technology, with the new Digi XBee Cellular embedded modem. This solution enables OEMs to quickly integrate cutting edge 4G cellular technology into their devices and applications without dealing with the painful, time-consuming, expensive FCC and carrier end-device certifications. A bundled data plan will be included with every development kit with 6 months of free data, with the Digi XBee fully pre-provisioned and ready to communicate over the cellular network right out of the box.

With the full suite of standard Digi XBee API frames and AT commands, existing Digi XBee customers can seamlessly transition to this new modem with only minor software adjustments. When OEMs add the Digi XBee Cellular modem to their design, they create a future-proof design with flexibility to switch between wireless protocols or frequencies as needed, ideal for any business with an agile roadmap.

Digi Data Plans are now available! The service includes data plan options that are ideal for industrial IoT applications, bundled together with free Digi Remote Management service for customers who wish to remotely monitor and manage their devices, along with the capability to do over the air (OTA) remote firmware upgrades.

Digi Data Plans provide:

  • The convenience of single-sourcing the hardware, data plan and free device management as a bundle
  • Leverage Digi’s expertise in interfacing with carriers to manage your cellular service
  • Digi Remote Manager is included, allowing you to easily monitor and manage your devices
  • Digi base support is included with your purchase to help you get up and running quickly
  • Convenient monthly billing
  • Plans starting as low as $2.80/month!

For more information or to receive a quote, contact your sales representative or call Digi Sales at 952-912-3444 / 877-912-3444.

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Digi XBee® Tools

Digi XBee Tools support the complete IoT application lifecycle, from the evaluation, testing and prototyping phase through manufacturing and deployment to long-term network management. See how Digi XBee Tools simplify tasks and help get to market faster.


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Embedded cellular made simple5 reasons to consider embedded cellularExplore the New Digi XBee Ecosystem

The Smallest End-Device Certified Modem for Cellular Networks

End-Device Certified
Digi XBee Cellular LTE Cat 1 is pre-certifed to work on a cellular network, saving OEMs months of time and thousands of dollars
The Smallest Form Factor
Just 24mm x 33mm with the authentic 20-pin XBee footprint we all know and trust
The Best Development Tools
Digi delivers the most robust library of tools and reference designs
Digi TrustFence

Digi TrustFence®

Digi TrustFence is the security framework for Digi XBee. TrustFence provides a tested and fully integrated security framework designed for the industrial IOT. The built-in security of Digi TrustFence gives you secure connections, authenticated boot, encrypted data storage, secure JTAG, secure software updates, and TLS v1.2 for secure over-the-air data transmissions.

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Specifications Digi XBee Cellular
ANALOG I/O 4 ADC lines
DIGITAL I/O 15 DIO lines
FORM FACTOR 20-pin XBee through-hole
PROGRAMMABLE Built-in MicroPython support with 24KB RAM / 8KB Flash
ANTENNA OPTIONS 2 U.FL for primary and secondary antennas
DIMENSIONS 0.960 x 1.297 in (2.438 x 3.294 cm)
OPERATING MODES Transparent, API, and Bypass mode
SIM CARD 4FF (Nano size)
TRUSTFENCE® SECURITY Secure Boot, Encrypted Storage, Protected JTAG
DATA RATES 921 Kbps via UART
DATA PLAN OPTIONS Digi data plans available - Contact Digi for more information
SUPPLY VOLTAGE 3.0 to 5.5v
TRANSMIT CURRENT 860 mA average, 1020 mA Peak @ 3.3V
RECEIVE CURRENT 530 mA average @ 3.3V
DEEP SLEEP Approximately 10μA
FCC (USA) Contains: FCC: RI7LE866SV1
IC (CANADA) Contains: IC: 5131A-LE866SV1
VERIZON END-DEVICE Certified and ready for immediate use

Line Art

Does Digi offer cellular data plan options for the Digi XBee Cellular modems?

Yes. Digi offers cellular service which is bundled with free Digi Remote Management to remotely monitor and manage devices, along with the capability to do over the air (OTA) remote firmware upgrades. For more information or to receive a quote, contact your sales representative or call Digi Sales at 952-912-3444 / 877-912-3444.

What’s in the Digi XBee Cellular Development Kit?

  • Digi XBee Cellular embedded modem
  • 1 Digi XBee development board
  • 1 SIM
  • 6 months of free cellular service (5MB/Month)
  • Antennas and power supply

There are two U.FL connectors on the Digi XBee Cellular, for primary and secondary antennas. Do I need to use both antennas for the modem to work?

The primary antenna is used for transmitting and receiving, while the secondary antenna is only used for receiving. It is recommended to use both antennas for optimal performance, but it is possible to use only the primary antenna. Note this could reduce performance and signal strength of the device, which will vary depending on the environment and range to the nearest cellular tower.

If only one antenna is used, will the Digi XBee Cellular modem still be carrier end-device certified?

Yes. The modem has been certified for both single and dual antenna configurations. More information on antenna specification requirements can be found in the User Guide.

The development kit includes 6 months of free cellular data service. How much data can I use per month? How many SMS messages can be used per month?

6 months of free cellular service will be limited to 5MB/month and recommended to use 100 SMS per month or less. The kit is for testing purposes only, not for production.

What happens if a customer goes over the set data limits (5MB)?

If only over by a little (1-2MB), nothing. If over by 10MB in a given month, customer will be contacted by Digi to determine if a larger plan is required.

Can customers provide their own SIM for testing purposes?

Yes, they can use their own SIM if they prefer.

Does a customer need to purchase a support plan to get help with technical questions when evaluating a kit?

No purchase required, free base email support is available for customers evaluating product with a development kit.

Does Digi XBee Cellular have GPS capabilities?

No, GPS is not supported on the modem.

Is Digi XBee Cellular a drop-in replacement for other Digi XBee modules?

Yes, but customers need to evaluate the power supply of their designs to verify that they can support peak transmit currents up to 1A, which is required for all LTE CAT 1 cellular radios.

How long does it take the module to wake up from Deep Sleep and start communicating over the cellular network?

It takes about 45-60 seconds to wake up and begin transmitting over the network.

What is the difference between Transparent Mode and Bypass Mode?

Transparent Mode acts as a serial line replacement. The device queues all serial data it receives through the DIN pin for RF transmission. When a device receives RF data, it sends the data out through the DOUT pin.

In Bypass mode, the device acts as a serial line replacement directly to the cellular component. In this mode, Digi XBee Cellular Modem exposes all control of the cellular components AT port through the UART.

What is the difference between Digi XBee Cellular and NimbeLink?

A cellular breakout board like NimbeLink will include the cellular module, and may add end-device certification, a SIM slot, and a simple power supply and antenna connector. The Digi XBee Cellular hardware is fully integrated with an on-board cellular module, ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller, power regulator, and security chip, all packed into the small 24.4 x 32.9mm XBee through-hole footprint. This enables a number of useful features on Digi XBee Cellular that are not available on breakout boards like Nimbelink, including the Digi XBee software interface, critical security features, sleep modes, and on-board programmability to name a few.




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