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Digi aView™

Centralize and monitor your connections in the cloud

  • Hardened data center
  • IPSec secure communication
  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Unlimited scalability
  • 100% control and security
Digi aView Login

Our sophisticated cloud-based portal, Digi aView™ monitors remote wireless data network devices across Tier 1 carriers and service providers. The management portal provides a company with one centralized system to monitor and remotely control Digi LTE routers and modems, remote managers, gateways, and other connected devices.

The system has a powerful user interface that allows sorting and searching in order to improve productivity and identify problem patterns. In addition to standard reports, online views can be exported to create ad hoc reports. Data is provided on over 50 items regarding the availability, performance, configuration and location of your devices. Remote devices can be configured by groups or individually, and the firmware easily updated from a central operations center. Based on user criteria the portal can also send real time alerts to defined e-mail addresses.

Digi aView also allows for the automatic inventory control of wireless data devices. In addition, the systems mapping function provides a visual picture of network status.



Digi aView has a powerful and intuitive end-user interface that allows sorting and searching in order to improve productivity and identity problem patterns. The layout of the end-user interface and the information shown can be customized by the end-user who may select from various items regarding the availability, performance, configuration and location of a monitored device. In addition to standard reports, all on-line views can be exported in CSV form to create ad hoc reports.

The Dashboard View identifies all devices in Alert Status and Alerts can also be sent to designated e-mail(s) address(es). New devices can also be classified as ‘installing’ (in process) devices to avoid false alerts. The Map View can be used to view all devices in Alert Status. Drill-down views show regional and individual device maps.

From an individual device screen the Remote Control features allow:

  • Device reboot
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Initiate profile update
  • Reset of the VPN tunnel
  • Probe device for current status

Digi aView provides for multiple administrative levels to control feature access and manage remote devices. Users can be allowed to have unlimited control of the devices under their span of control, or can be allowed to view only.

Site and Security

Depending on customer requirements, Digi aView will reside in fully redundant cloud-based server centers. These high availability centers allow us to provide 99.9% availability for both the application and data. Digi aView can also be hosted at a customers location if so desired.

All VPN gateway connections will use an IPSEC tunnel utilizing AES 256 to protect all data transmissions. The security of the IPSEC tunnel will allow Digi aView to use SNMP V2 and HTTP to poll and access the remote devices. All tunnels will use an IPV6 assigned address to avoid overlapping conflicts with customer networks.

Digi aView resides in a certified data center facility:

  • SOC1
  • SOC2

Maps and Reports


Acv MapaView™ makes extensive use of maps to visually depict a devices status. The map panel displays the status of the various devices on a map of the organizations home country.

The maps can be zoomed in and out to display finer levels of granularity all the way to a single site. The map can also be filtered by organization, device category, device type, status and country/region.

When a category is selected it will pre-populate the devices under that category. Changes can be made to any filter criteria before filtering the map.

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