Use XCTU to enter the MicroPython environment

To use the XBee Cellular Modem in the MicroPython environment:

  1. Use XCTU to add the device(s); see Install and upgrade XCTU and Add a device to XCTU.
  2. The XBee Cellular Modem appears as a box in the Radio Modules information panel. Each module displays identifying information about itself.

  3. Click this box to select the device and load its current settings.

  4. Set the device's baud rate to 115200 b/s, in the BD field select 115200 [7] or higher and click the Write button . We recommend using flow control to avoid data loss, especially when pasting large amounts of code/text.
  5. Put the XBee Cellular Modem into MicroPython mode, in the AP field select MicroPython REPL [4] and click the Write button .
  6. Note what COM port(s) the XBee Cellular Modem is using, because you will need this information when you use terminal communication. The Radio Modules information panel lists the COM port in use.