Use the MicroPython Terminal in XCTU

You can use the MicroPython Terminal to communicate with the XBee Cellular Modem when it is in MicroPython mode.1 This requires XCTU 6.3.7 or higher. To enter MicroPython mode, follow the steps in Use XCTU to enter the MicroPython environment. To use the MicroPython Terminal:

  1. Click the Tools drop-down menu and select MicroPython Terminal. The terminal opens.
  2. Click Open. If you have not already added devices to XCTU:
    1. In the Select the Serial/USB port area, click the COM port that the device uses.
    2. Verify that the baud rate and other settings are correct.
  3. Click OK. The Open icon changes to Close , indicating that the device is properly connected.
  4. Press Ctrl+B to get the MicroPython version banner and prompt.

You can now type or paste MicroPython commands at the >>> prompt.


If you receive No such port: 'Port is already in use by other applications.' in the MicroPython Terminal close any other console sessions open inside XCTU and close any other serial terminal programs connected to the device, then retry the MicroPython connection in XCTU.

If the device seems unresponsive, try pressing Ctrl+C to end any running programs.

You can use the +++ escape sequence and look for an OK for confirmation that you have the correct baud rate.