Digi intelliFlow is a reporting and graphical presentation tool for visualizing your network’s data usage and network traffic information.

intelliFlow can be enabled on Digi Remote Manager to provide a full analysis of all Digi devices on your network. Contact your Digi sales representative for information about enabling intelliFlow on Remote Manager.

  1. From the main menu, click Insights > Reports.

  2. Click the intelliFlow tab.

The intelliFlow report page displays:

# Component Description
1 Date and time selector

Select a relative time, such as within the Last Hour, Last 30 Days, or Year to Date. Or, enter a Start and End date.

2 Filters
  1. Click to expand Show Filters .

  2. Type or select values for the appropriate filters.

  3. Click Generate Report when finished.

3 Report type

Select the type of categorization for the report:

  • Service: Displays intelliFlow data by Service type or Port.

  • Server: Displays intelliFlow data by the destination server being contacted.

  • Host: Displays intelliFlow data by the internal host that the traffic originated from.

4 Schedule Report Click Schedule Report to open the Scheduled Report Options dialog.
  • Click to view the data in chart format.

  • Click to view the data in tabular format.

6 Display options (chart view only)

Click to:

  • Set the unit of data to be displayed. Available values are KB, MB, GB, or TB.

  • Set the number of top sources to be displayed. Available values are 5, 10, 20, or all.

  • Set the sorting order. Available values are Total, Bytes Sent, Bytes Received, or Server Address.

  • Download a copy of the chart in PNG, JPEG, or SVG format.

  • Export the chart in comma separated value (CSV) format.

7 x-axis (chart view only)
  • Service view: Change between Service Type and Port number. See Service type for further details.

  • Server view: Change between Server Domain and Server Address.

  • Host view: Change between Host Domain and Host Address.

Service type

In chart view, you can select to view the network traffic by either Service Type, or Port.

Service Type is used to categorize several ports under one service. For example, port numbers 80, 443, and 8080 are included in the Web service type.

There are several predefined service types:

You can add and remove ports from the predefined service port types, and you can also define your own service types. This is done at the device level, or as part of a configuration. For example, in a configuration, to define a service type called "MyService" using ports 9000 and 9001:

  1. From the main menu, click Insights > Reports.
  2. Monitoring > intelliFlow.
  3. Click to expand Ports.
  4. to add a port.
  5. Label is optional.
  6. For Port number, type 9000.
  7. For Service name, type MyService.
  8. Click to add a another port.
  9. For Port number, type 9001.
  10. For Service name, type MyService.

IntelliFlow is also available on the local device for device-specific visualization of network use. To use intelliFlow on the local device, you must have access to the local WebUI. By default, intelliFlow is disabled on the local device.