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Google’s Amy and Kim Discuss The Data Sensing Lab

“We have an XBee radio on each of the shields and it’s communicating over a ZigBee protocol. This network was setup by Digi International…Each sensor mote is sending its readings every 20 seconds to the gateways which are going to Device Cloud by Etherios, and is then sent to The Google Cloud Platform

-Kim Cameron

In this presentation from Google I/O, Amy Unruh and Kim Cameron give an in-depth look into how data was collected from The Sensing Lab. Learn how the Google Cloud Platform team was able to collect, process, and transform all of the information collected by the Data Sensing Lab’s 500 sensor motes.



A Deeper Look Into The Industrial Internet via GE

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“Industrial Internet: Pushing the Boundaries of Minds and Machines” is an insightful and unique report by Peter C. Evans, Director of Global Strategy and Analytics and Marco Annunziata, Chief Economist and Executive Director of Global Market Insight at General Electric.

It describes the three modern waves of innovation that have led to the rise of the industrial Internet (Internet of Things) starting with the Industrial Revolution, moving through the Computer and Internet Revolution, to the start of the Industrial Internet. This third wave of innovation is driven by advances in three principle elements: Intelligent Machines, Advanced Analytics and People at Work and they consider the ‘Power of 1%’ – the value to industry of making things just 1% more efficient. –The Business Leaders Network

The Internet of ANYthing Infographic

Inside the industry, I often get asked “what is Digi’s competitive differentiator?” To answer the question adequately, I have to bring the context back to a macro view. That’s because the Internet of Things is a complex ecosystem of edge devices, M2M equipment, backhaul networks, operating systems, device interfaces, API’s, security systems, network monitoring systems, device management systems, back-office applications, end-user applications, and more. The question usually comes from the context of just one part of the ecosystem, such as the M2M device or the end-user application. Although Digi brings significant value to many parts of the ecosystem, our greatest contribution is based upon how we provide technologies and services that enable the successful full roll-out of a commercial-grade Internet of Things solution. Digi enables the “Internet of ANYthing(tm).” We do this by providing the access to any device, anywhere, by any application, anywhere. The following infographic provides a visual glimpse of what we mean by ANY App, ANYthing, ANYwhere.