Digi ConnectCore Voice Control

Easy-to-integrate touch-free voice control at the edge for hands-free device control in any interactive application

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Voice control technology for advanced functionality in IoT devices

Equipment operators, health professionals and kiosk users increasingly expect to interact with devices hands-free. Now you can deliver, with easy-to-integrate Digi ConnectCore® Voice Control.

Rapid voice control integration

Design your voice control application in just a few minutes with easy-to-use software and any Digi ConnectCore® SOM.

Text-to-Speech (TTS) synthesis

Enable zero-touch user interaction with your embedded device — similar to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Speech-to-Text.

Pre-trained 60,000-word language model

Digi ConnectCore Voice Control provides a pre-trained 60,000-word language model, customizable vocabulary, and customizable wake word.

30 supported languages + semantic intelligence

Design your product for global deployment with 30 national languages, using the latest developments in machine learning and AI technologies.

Embedded voice recognition at the edge

Cloud-independent functionality, enabling real-time responses (reaction < 100 ms) and data privacy, even where Internet is not available.

No NPU needed and no additional hardware costs

No hardware-based AI/ML accelerators are required, enabling you to add voice-processing capabilities without additional hardware costs.

Get started with rapid voice control prototyping

It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Enable voice control technology in your next industrial product or medical device with these simple steps. You’ll find everything you need to integrate hands-free operation.


Start with a kit

The Digi ConnectCore 8M Nano development kit will get you going.

Start with a Kit

Download the software

Download the voice control software and build your specific application.

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Select Your SOM

Find the ideal SOM for your product and application.

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