Serial Connectivity

Robust serial connections for today's critical infrastructure.

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Digi LifeCycle Assurance: Enhanced Service and Support Now Included on Qualifying Devices

Secure Terminal Server Solutions

A connection tool for every job

Expand network connectivity and functionality of critical infrastructure. Digi's next generation serial port servers support GB Ethernet and IPv6 networks in the harshest conditions.

Digi Serial Connectivity Solutions

You Need Fast, Simple, and Secure? We've Got This.

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Connect with Ease

Connect with Ease

Digi serial port servers are equipped with intelligent default settings and user-friendly interfaces, allowing for a seamless ‘click-to-connect’ setup using our Digi Navigator™ tool. Installing Digi Navigator enables you to effortlessly configure any of our Digi Connect EZ products within minutes.

Connect Securely

Connect Securely

Experience the power of our integrated Digi TrustFence®, an advanced IoT security framework designed to fortify your connected devices. Digi TrustFence protects against security threats with encrypted connections, provides centralized data authentication, VPN support, and scalable security updates.

Connect with Confidence

Connect with Confidence

Experience the unwavering support of our customer care solution as we proudly stand behind the Digi Connect EZ family of products. Connect with one of our Digi serial connectivity experts today for more information.

Simplify Your Serial Connectivity Solution

Digi Connect EZ Serial Port Servers

The safe, simple, and secure modernization solution

Effortlessly enhance the security and efficiency of your critical infrastructure with Digi Connect EZ. Seamlessly connect to automation robotics control, centralized device management, data acquisition, point-of-sale equipment, and more.

Digi Connect EZ—Connect, Configure, and Optimize

How to Configure RealPort

How to configure RealPort for transparent serial communication on Digi Connect EZ 4i

The Digi Connect EZ serial server lets you modernize your operational infrastructure with expanded network connectivity and…

How to Configure Modbus Communication

How to configure Modbus communication with the Digi Connect EZ 4i

Digi Connect EZ serial servers give you the flexibility to expand network connectivity and functionality for a wide range of…

Achieve Secure Serial Communication

Achieve secure serial communication over cellular to remote facilities with the Digi Connect EZ 4i

With Digi Connect EZ serial servers you can expand connectivity and functionality for a range of serial…

LifeCycle Assurance

Now With Digi Lifecycle Assurance

An enhanced level of service and support offered to protect critical connectivity systems.
Visit the LifeCycle Assurance webpage for further details on qualifying devices.

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