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Modules & Gateways

The Digi XBee ecosystem delivers a choice of XBee radio modules for reliable RF connectivity via cellular gateways, and XBee cellular modems for direct connectivity, giving you complete design flexibility. Select the type of XBee module that best suits your application, as well as the best protocol and frequency.

Software, Tools & Security

The Digi XBee ecosystem provides a comprehensive set of software and tools to support prototyping, development and deployment, as well as integrated security and ongoing management of your deployed devices. From Digi XCTU — a sophisticated tool for configuration and testing — to prototyping tools, software libraries, the Digi TrustFence security framework and the Digi XBee mobile app, you have everything you need to build and deploy any wireless application:

Network Management & Cloud Integration

Digi XBee 3 modules integrate with Digi Remote Manager®, the command center for deployed networks of Digi devices. For a network of any size — or one that will need to scale — it is imperative to be able to reach every device so you can keep those devices online and up-to-date. Digi RM enables rapid firmware updates, security patches and troubleshooting.

Additionally, the Digi XBee ecosystem is cloud-ready. Digi Remote Manager lets you easily integrate with any cloud service, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

The key benefits include:

  • Accessibility to geographically dispersed or hard-to-reach devices for any needed maintenance or updates.
  • Ability to automate repeat tasks for efficiency.
  • Insights into the health of your devices, as well as the ability to remotely restart them.
  • Security automation: The Digi RM Configuration Manager monitors configurations and resets them if they fall out of compliance.
  • Integration: Cloud-agnostic Digi Remote Manager enables seamless integration of your IoT application with your business systems and processes.

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What Is Digi XBee?

The world-renowned XBee module is part of a family of cellular modems and RF modules that provide ultimate flexibility for IoT application developers, with three programmable form factors, and a range of popular wireless protocols. The XBee family also includes IoT gateways and management tools to connect, monitor and manage your XBee network.

With Digi XBee®, you can develop robust, high-performance connected products faster and more effectively, and get your product to market on your timeline. The complete Digi XBee ecosystem includes modules, code libraries, the award-winning tool suite, Digi XBee Tools, as well as IoT gateways and Digi Remote Manager to connect your XBee network to the Internet and perform ongoing monitoring and management. Together, these resources help to simplify and expedite prototyping, coding and range testing to quickly add features such as GPS services and Bluetooth connectivity, build in edge functionality with MicroPython, perform mass firmware updates and more.. Pre-certified modules eliminate the pain and expense of certification. And whenever you need design and engineering assistance, Digi Wireless Design Services can help.

Digi IX15 Gateway


Digi IX15 IoT Gateway and Cellular Router

Programmable IoT gateway connects Digi XBee-enabled devices to remote applications over cellular and Ethernet

The versatile Digi IX15 device functions as both gateway and router for customers seeking lower-cost, quicker-to-market alternatives to chip-down DIY designs for networking operations.


Building Blocks of the Digi XBee Ecosystem

It all starts with XBee modules and your choice of protocols.

Future-proof Footprint

Standard design for all through-hole Digi XBee variants
Ideal mount design for high-volume manufacturing
Micro-size for compact and portable applications

Worldwide Flexibility

Worldwide Flexibility

The developer ecosystem that supports your goals

Your time is valuable. You can spend it wisely or reinvent the wheel. Develop your next wireless solution with the robust, secure and versatile Digi XBee ecosystem — a complete collection of modules, tools and resources supporting your product development journey.


With easy-to-use tools, APIs, and code libraries as well as optional Bluetooth configuration and MicroPython programmability, Digi XBee is easy to develop, deploy, manage, and maintain. Get to market faster with pre-certified solutions and leverage Digi Remote Manager for cloud-based configuration and management.


Field-hardened Digi XBee solutions are built for the long haul with industrial lifespans, harsh environments and mission-critical applications in mind. Digi XBee is trusted by global leaders in every sector, including energy, agriculture, healthcare, smart city, aerospace and Industry 4.0.


Whether your application demands short or long-range connectivity, public or private networking, point-to-point or mesh topology, multi-regional support or alternate antenna configurations, you can count on the unmatched versatility of Digi XBee. A common platform with global certifications and hardware/software compatibility means that, with a single socket, you have access to today’s leading IoT protocols and the assurance of a future-proof design.


With Digi XBee, security is built-in. Our Digi TrustFence framework gives you the key protections you need, like secure boot, key management, and 175 more controls to protect your applications and devices from new and emerging threats. And since Digi TrustFence designs security into our embedded IoT devices, you'll be able to adapt to new and evolving threats.


The No. 1 hurdle for commercialized IoT projects? Scalability. Digi XBee modules can grow with you from initial proof of concept to applications involving hundreds of thousands of connected devices. When you need smart deployment today and growth tomorrow, Digi XBee has you covered.


With Digi XBee, you have all the supporting tools and resources you need for rapid, successful development. Digi surrounds your solution with a complete ecosystem of software, gateways, certifications, data plans, security, remote management, support and documentation.

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ARMmbed ANSI C Java Python MicroPython

Third-party Libraries

Arduino NodeJS

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