In many ways, machine-to-machine communications was born on the factory floor.

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Process control. Manufacturing automation. Robotics. And more beyond factories like tank farms and agriculture. They’re all environments that require precision and efficiency – delivered by Digi IoT connectivity.

Maximize ROI

Gathering real-time data through Digi M2M devices can drive the analytics that help you lower costs and improve efficiency.

Oversee quality

Constant production line monitoring helps you correct product quality problems, and predict equipment maintenance issues.

Optimize performance

Real-time sensor data collected while running expensive heavy machinery helps maximize uptime and minimize maintenance costs.

Ensure safety

Wirelessly networked sensors can quickly alert you to leaks and other hazardous situations, lowering the risk of injury and environmental damage.


2G/3G Shutdowns: Plan Ahead to Stay Ahead

The shutdowns are coming sooner than you’d like. And Digi is here to help you plan ahead to avoid disruptions, lost data and – even worse – lost revenue. Digi LTE Migration Services is standing by with everything to make things go smoothly and quickly. What you need. Just in time.

Beat the 2G/3G Shutdown
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