Support Offerings

Our team of technical engineers and our online resources help you gain the most from your Digi products

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Whether you are a Digi customer, channel partner, distributor, or solution partner, Digi Technical Services is at the ready to offer an exceptionally broad range of support services to help you resolve issues, create innovate products, and get to market faster with higher-quality solutions. From simple installation and configuration questions to in-depth consulting, Digi has the expert resources and prompt response you need to succeed.

Base Support

Digi Base
Hours Response Time
  • Email Support
  • Customer portal
  • Device configuration assistance
  • Device connectivity support
  • Feature / functionality inquiries
  • Firmware upgrade assistance
  • Return authorization (RA)
  • Bug reporting
  • Warranty registration required

Support program for do-it-yourself customers.

Expert Support

Digi Expert
Hours Response Time
  • All Digi base services, plus the following additional services:
  • Priority case response
  • Phone support
  • Network integration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Best-effort support for EOL and out-of-warranty products

Support program for customers needing hands-on assistance.

Professional Services

Digi Professional
Add-on Services
  • Mobile or web application development
  • Python development
  • On-site support
  • Installation services
  • Third-party device configuration
  • Solution implementation services
  • Customer specific-device configuration services
  • Customer training
  • Code debugging

Additional services for customers with large implementations, end-to-end solutions or complex network installations.

Self-Service Assistance

All Digi customers have access to a range of self-help 24x7 tools at no additional charge.

  • Community support forum
  • Solution guides
  • Documentation
  • Knowledge Base
  • Sample applications
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Software patches
  • Product notices or product update subscriptions

Digi Base Support

This entry level of support is included in the purchase of your registered Digi product. Itʼs ideal for smaller-scale projects and independent “do-it-yourself” customers who need only basic assistance. With Base Support, your case gets a response from Digiʼs experts within 24 business hours.

  • Device configuration — After initial setup, we will help you troubleshoot any configuration issue with your Digi product.
  • Feature / functionality inquiries — Find out how to get the most from your Digi product.
  • Customer portal access — Use this secure portal to submit and manage technical support issues, and subscribe to self-service features.
  • Firmware upgrades — Get patches and feature upgrades.
  • Return authorization (RA) assistance — We make repairs easy and straightforward.

Digi Expert Support

When you need priority access to Digiʼs support team, our Expert Support plan provides more services, expedited responses, and faster resolutions. In addition to all of the services of our Base Support plan, you receive:

  • Telephone support — Expert assistance is only a phone call away.
  • Faster response — We will respond to your request within 4 hours.
  • Priority case resolution — You’ll get the answers you need sooner.
  • Configuration recommendations — Tap into our experience to optimize your Digi device configuration. Please contact Digi Professional Services for any initial setup or configuration help.
  • Network troubleshooting — We will help identify and troubleshoot issues with Digi devices within your network.
  • Best-effort support for EOL and non-warranty products — We will provide best-effort support for end-of-life and non-warranty products. Does not include any effort that will require extensive engineering resources, or require firmware updates to resolve. Bug fixes are not guaranteed in this category.
*Services subject to a limit of 15 hours per contract year, per customer.

Digi Professional Services

When you have large implementations, complex end-to-end solutions, or sophisticated networks — or just want the advice of seasoned professionals — Digi Professional Services takes you even further.

  • Solution troubleshooting — We help you navigate through complex technical and performance issues within your manufactured product, end-point device, customer installation, and/or integrated application.
  • Application development — Our software services team provides custom applications for end-point device monitoring, management, and reporting.
  • Solution implementation services — We will help design and optimize your Digi hardware solution, from network design to interoperability with third-party services.
  • Onsite/online training options — Shorten your development cycle with a customized training to give your team a stronger foundation on Digi products.
  • Installation services – We will help you with the initial install and setup of your Digi product in your environment.
  • Code support — We can help you debug code and scripts and review the performance of your Digi products.
  • Digi Containers Service — Digi provides a compute environment and documentation for customers and partners to deploy container-based applications via an add-on license to a Digi Remote Manager subscription.

    Need additional support for developing or deploying containers? Contact Digi Professional Services to discuss your needs and contract detail.

    Note: While Digi cannot guarantee that container applications will continue to work after you deploy firmware updates, Digi Professional Services can support your needs via a long-term support contract as needed.

Digi Technical Services — At a Glance

The following table provides an overview of our service offers. Note that an active warranty is required for Digi support services.

  Included with purchase Annual contract: 24x7 Fee per hour or device
Response time 24 hours 4 hours
Priority cases
Email support  
Phone support    
Customer portal access  
Firmware upgrades  
Return authorization (RA)  
Bug reporting  
Digi device configuration  
Network integration (where network includes a Digi device)*  
Device connectivity troubleshooting  
Code debugging / application performance review (for code running on Digi devices only)*    
Mobile or web application development    
Solution implementation services for existing device configurations, for applications and environmental factors. Solutions typically encompass third party devices, Digi devices, applications and potentially Digi Remote Manager platforms.    
Installation services    
Python development    
Customer training    
Customer-specific device configuration and activation services    
Digi Containers    
*Services subject to a limit of 15 hours per annual contract per customer.

Digi Support Policy

Digi will provide Base support for the duration of the hardware warranty period. Expert support and extended warranties can be purchased separately.

Software maintenance will be offered post software warranty period for the duration of the hardware warranty and up to the End of Software Release Date. This includes commercially reasonable efforts to fix bugs and update security features. Customers may be required to upgrade to a current version of firmware to receive the updates.

When we announce a product End of Life date, we will define an End of Software Release Date. We expect this to be 6 months to 1 year past the Last Time Ship date.

Digi strongly recommends that customers subscribe to its Digi Remote Manager cloud service (“DRM”) which enables the wireless remote updating of software and firmware in Digi products.

If a customer chooses not to subscribe to DRM or does not use DRM for software and firmware updates it is responsible for manually updating its Digi products. On occasion, a Digi product may require a firmware or software upgrade to address a security update, correct a bug or provide new functionality to address a customer need. A solid upgrade strategy is essential to ensure the maximum life and benefit of your Digi product.