Digi Support Policy

Support PolicyDigi will provide warranty support for the duration of the hardware warranty period. A description of Digi International’s Limited Warranty can be found on our web site here: https://www.digi.com/legal/terms#limited_warranty.

Additional support services can be purchased separately. A description of Expert Support and Professional Service offerings can be found on our web site here: https://www.digi.com/support/compare-support-services.

An extended warranty option is available with a 5-year Digi Remote Manager subscription; this is available for a select group of Digi products.

Software maintenance will be offered after the software warranty period for the duration of the hardware warranty and up to the End of Software Release Date. This includes commercially reasonable efforts to address deficiencies and update security features. Customers may be required to upgrade to a current version of firmware and/or implement other changes on the device to implement these updates.

When we announce a product End of Life date, we will define an End of Software Release Date which will be 1 year past the Last Time Ship date.

Digi strongly recommends that customers subscribe to Digi Remote Manager cloud service (“DRM”) which enables wireless remote updating of software and firmware in Digi products for security patches and feature upgrades.

Customers that choose not to subscribe to Digi Remote Manager or do not use Digi Remote Manager for software and firmware updates are responsible for manually updating their Digi products. On occasion, a Digi product may require a firmware or software upgrade to address a security update, address deficiencies or provide new functionality to address a customer need. A solid upgrade strategy is essential to ensure the maximum life and benefit of your Digi product.