DreamQii raised over $1.1 million dollars with their crowdfunding campaign for the PlexiDrone

"At DreamQii Robotics, we believe that technology should build bridges towards new levels of creativity and productivity rather than barriers — and the PlexiDrone is one of those technologies."

Nik Trutiak, Co-founder, DreamQii

Reimagining Drone Technology

DreamQii, the brainchild of Founder and CEO Klever Freire, previously a Flight Design Engineer at Bombardier, is a Toronto-based robotics technology company that has developed easy-to-fly drones, powered by next-generation control software, with industrial strength capabilities, at an affordable price. The PlexiDrone is their first ultra-portable, swarming-capable, easy-to-control camera robot made for professional photographers, film-makers, hobbyists and developers.

Business Challenge

With the creation of PlexiDrone, DreamQii’s mission was to remove barriers and increase widespread adoption of drone technology. DreamQii collected market feedback from film-makers and photographers, and realized the demand for an extremely portable aerial photography platform. In response, DreamQii needed to engineer an ultra-compact, low-cost solution that could be assembled or disassembled in minutes with no tools.

“Historically, drones have been difficult to assemble, expensive, and far from consumer-friendly. Even the do-it-yourself drones require extensive expertise, offer complex instructions and the costs add up quickly.” said Klever Freire, Founder and CEO, DreamQii.


To reduce cost and complexity, the PlexiDrone can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. Not only does smartphone control offer the highest level of convenience, it saves customers over $800 by replacing the traditional RC remote control. This also enables control over more than one PlexiDrone at a time.

The smartphone, tablet, or computer sends commands via Bluetooth to a control box that distributes signals over long ranges to drones reliably via Digi's XBee-PRO® 900 RPSMA. This also makes the PlexiDrone the only drone company to offer swarming capabilities, which allows users to control a swarm of multiple drones through a single control interface, which allows the pilot to capture multiple angles and follow a search grid pattern from a single tablet or mobile device.

“PlexiDrone can be flown using any Bluetooth enabled device — Android, iOS or Windows — using the PlexiHub. The PlexiHub increases your signal range and enables you to swarm with multiple PlexiDrone's. All of our PlexiDrone perks include a PlexiHub. Alternatively you can add your own receiver and fly standard RC. The choice is yours.”


The end result is a Drone that can be used by anyone in any setting. It can be used for film and photography, industrial and commercial, developers and for sports and adventures. The PlexiDrone means business too. DreamQii has obtained multiple Special Flight Operating Certificates (SFOC), necessary for commercial flying in Canada.

The PlexiDrone snaps together in two minutes, with no tools required, and is compatible with almost any camera. PlexiGCS is a next-generation control platform that allows the user to operate one or many PlexiDrones with a range of up to 1 mile. Users interact with a 3D map to identify stationary or moving points of interest, draw desired flight paths and send commands. PlexiGCS eliminates the need for expert piloting skills and a bulky RC remote control.

“The PlexiDrone makes it easy for anyone to capture amazing photos using an easy-to-assemble drone that can be controlled by the devices you already have and can carry the camera you already love to use. Consumers demand simplicity and we believe the PlexiDrone is the first drone to fulfill that expectation.”