Industry 4.0

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by the convergence of smart machines, autonomous robots, edge computing and big data.

The goal of Industry 4.0 is to improve accuracy and efficiency — particularly in manufacturing operations and industrial automation — and to drive better decision making and better outcomes, faster. The technologies required to make Industry 4.0 a reality are here today.

Icon of a computer chip on the edge of a network
Edge Computing

Edge computing is a critical capability supporting the requirement of instantaneous data processing. It enables precision computing and automated decision making wherever mission critical processes are taking place. In Industry 4.0 applications, machines connect, communicate, and automate processes faster than a human brain, more rapidly than the human eye, and more accurately than is possible with manual processes. Edge computing makes this possible.

Icon of 5G over the globe
Private Wireless Networks

These networks offer the coverage, capacity and security demanded by Industry 4.0 applications. These are paired with 5G devices that range from high-bandwidth and ultra-low latency — required to facilitate real-time monitoring, control, and AI ML — to cost-optimized 5G RedCap devices for massive IoT and true edge intelligence and automation.

Icon of devices showing connections
Connected Devices

The IoT — a key paradigm driving the full realization of Industry 4.0 — is all about devices talking to other devices and programs in order to launch processes, and use edge intelligence to monitor, manage, track and remediate those processes all along the way. It means sensors, routers, gateways, robots, conveyors, video cameras, and other devices together can deliver results faster, more securely, accurately and efficiently, and with less risk to personnel.

Industry 4.0 Use Cases

The applications for Industry 4.0 are vast. While smart manufacturing and industrial automation are the most well-known, use cases for the real-time edge processing enabled by 5G and edge computing technology span multiple industries.

Diagram showing Industry 4.0 use cases

Work with Digi to achieve your Industry 4.0 goals

With complete network infrastructure, connectivity and remote management solutions,
Digi can help you realize the transformational promises of Industry 4.0.


Increased connectivity must be protected with increased security. Digi solutions have built-in, best-in-class security. They undergo stringent end-to-end security verification before launch and are continually updated to protect against new threats. Additionally, remote monitoring and management software thwarts unauthorized access and enables rapid detection and remediation of intrusions.


When the environment is at stake, robust connectivity is mission critical — supporting processes, automation and timely decision making that reduce energy usage and optimize resources. We support the many IoT-based initiatives that industrial applications are building and deploying in their quest to reduce their carbon footprint.


When failure and downtime are not an option, work with the industry leader in resilience and reliability. Networks driven by Digi software and connected with Digi hardware are relentlessly reliable for always-on connectivity.

Protocol Conversion
Protocol Conversion and Data Transformation

Legacy products can be integrated into your intelligent networks with protocol conversion. We support an extensive list of protocols found in industrial applications.


Digi solutions are robust, rugged and made to last — for lower total cost of ownership. Our products are known for outstanding durability in tough industrial environments, from factory floors to smart cities to vast oil fields.


Your system must function properly and predictably, and readily adapt to changes in network size or capacity. Digi Remote Manager® enables zero touch configuration for rapid, seamless additions to your network as you grow.

Digi RM

Digi Remote Manager

Digi Remote Manager® transforms a multitude of dispersed IIoT devices into a dynamic, intelligent network.

You can easily configure, deploy, monitor and manage hundreds or thousands of missioncritical Digi devices from a single, secure platform on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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Industry 4.0 Solutions

Work with one vendor for your complete solution — including the Industry 4.0 software, devices and services you need for a successful rollout.

Collage of industrial routers

Industrial Cellular Solutions

Digi industrial routers provide rugged, reliable network connectivity and remote management tools for heavy-duty applications such as manufacturing automation, precision farming, oil fields, industrial tanks, water treatment and construction.

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Collage of enterprise routers

Enterprise Cellular Solutions

Digi enterprise cellular extenders are indoor-grade or light industrial solutions that ensure your application is connected securely and reliably on LTE or 5G networks. These solutions support everything from office networking to remote/hybrid teams, supply chain facilities and infrastructure sheds.

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Infrastructure management products

Infrastructure Management

Digi's Infrastructure Management products include industry-leading serial devices and terminal servers designed for modern operational environments, as well as USB-over-IP solutions to extend access to peripheral devices, and industrial monitoring and control solutions designed for water, agriculture, lighting, power and fleet applications.

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Professional Services

Professional Services

Our teams can design, install and deploy the solution that’s right for your application, from off-the-shelf products to fully customized networks.

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Digi IX40 Cellular Router


Digi IX40 Solution Showcase

5G Edge Computing Industrial IoT Solution

Digi IX40 is a 5G edge computing cellular solution purpose-built for Industry 4.0 applications, from smart manufacturing to predictive maintenance to robotics and “cobotics” — collaborative robots that work alongside human workers to support automation and efficiency. This solution combines the power, reliability and data throughput of 5G with edge intelligence to enable the real-time data processing needed for the most data intensive applications including remote monitoring and precision analytics in critical applications such as industrial automation, utilities, renewable energy and oil and gas.

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Digital Twins

In practice, a digital twin is a virtual model of a real industrial application (factory production line, city bus system, oil field, etc.) based on real-time data collected using connected sensors. With advanced sensors and wireless networks delivering accurate data, you can replicate an industrial operation or run a simulation to understand the state of a machine or system, monitor and drive industrial lines, reduce defects or problems, respond to changes and improve operations.

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Private 5G Networks and Industry 4.0

The availability and growth of private networks has enabled industrial enterprises to dramatically increase network reliability and security. Today, 5G private networks are becoming the backbone of Industry 4.0 applications, as they require the most robust connectivity for real-time processing and the most secure connections. A private 5G network provides a dedicated, secure network for an entire facility or defined area. Digi industrial routers support the full range of 5G private network use cases in Industry 4.0, including manufacturing facilities, utilities, oil and gas, and smart cities applications. Wondering how to build a private 5G network? Connect with Digi.

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