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This Week in the Internet of Things: Friday Favorites

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The Internet of Things is developing and buzzing all around us. Throughout the week we come across innovative projects, brilliant articles and posts that support and feature the innovators and companies that make our business possible. Here’s our list of favorites from this week’s journey on the Web.

How the Internet of Things Changes Everything on Bloomberg

M2M and the Era of the App on Connected World

Sprint Digital Caddies offer M2M Solution for Golf in M2M Magazine

IoT Podcast: Where Self Milking Cows Graze Fields of Data Gold on GigaOm

Cisco Survey Hints Many IT Leaders also don’t Understand Internet of Things from ZDNet

Do you have a link to share? Please tell us in the comments below or Tweet us, @DigiDotCom- we would love to share your findings too. You can also follow all of the commentary and discussion with the hashtag #FridayFavorites.

EVE Project Connects XBee to Open Source IoT

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The EVE project, from Ciseco out of Nottingham, United Kingdom is a plug in board for the new Raspberry Pi mini computer. The hardware and software together will create a server for connecting various wireless device protocols to a single point. It features an XBee socket for connections to ZigBee, ZigBee Smart Energy, 802.15.4, WiFi, long-range 900 MHz, DigiMesh and 868 MHz radios.

The Raspberry Pi EVE board is the reference hardware for the IoT Toolkit gateway. It’s a work in progress, and is currently raising funding for development on Kickstarter. Presently they are more than 2/3 of the way to their goal, with time to spare. Cisesco’s Miles Hodkinson and I spoke jut the other day about the project and the possibilities for talking to a Raspberry Pi that’s 28 miles away with the new XBee-PRO 900HP. Sound interesting? You can help fund EVE.

Smart Apron: Apron Alert with XBee via DVICE

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Apron Alert is what we like to think of as a modern take on the dinner bell. It’s an apron that automatically alerts guests when the food is ready. Here’s how it works:

The Smart Apron was developed by Smart Design’s Interaction Lab and uses wireless XBee radios affixed to Lilypad Arduinos to create an apron that automatically notifies your diners when you’ve started cooking and when you’ve finished. The apron’s magnetic clasp initializes the signal that is sent to a server program that then relays that signal to smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers following the cook wearing the apron. The entire set-up is lightweight, with the components discreetly stitched into the interior of the apron, and operates using a single AAA battery for power.

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Have you made or seen an awesome XBee project? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter. We’re always looking for projects to share!

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