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The Next Generation of XCTU

You may have heard there is a new version of XCTU available. We rebuilt it from the ground up and added a number of new features. Now, you can graphically diagram your ZigBee networks all from within the XCTU interface. You can even perform tests to determine your XBee’s range with the built in range test. And for all the Mac users out there, we should mention that XCTU is now compatible with OS X! Here’s a quick demo of the software in the video below:

The next generation of XCTU will make building your ZigBee networks a breeze. Want to get started? Head over here to download the latest version of XCTU.

Digi Mass Transit Control System at Embedded World 2013

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Control systems for a bus are simulated in this Digi mass transit demo using Intelligent System Framework-ready hardware from Portwell and Kontron based on the Intel® Atom™ processor and running the Android* OS.

One system displays the driver operator panel, and the second system provides passenger information such as bus stop locations, as well as static and video advertising sponsored by nearby businesses. A camera connected to the driver operator panel also provides a simulated view of the passenger area with recording options for additional passenger and personnel security purposes. The systems share data, such as current bus location, route and arrival information over the iDigi Device Cloud and show the delivery of mass transit passenger-oriented services via Intel mobile phones and tablets.

Digi and the Intel Intelligent Systems Framework

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Digi International is utilizing the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework to deploy a wider set of solutions with contributions from the Intel ecosystem to help solve business problems and tap into a much larger market. Joel Young, senior vice president of research and development and CTO of Digi, describes why we are supporting the framework and the advantages of developing with common standards for manageability and interoperability.

video via Intel

Throwback Thursday

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We hope you enjoy this Digi International throwback video straight from the ’90s. We present to you “Here’s Digi” circa 1994.

What throwback tech photos or videos do you have? Share on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments section below. We’d love to share your Thursday throwback next week!

Connect, Monitor and Control Any Device from Anywhere

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The XBee Internet Gateway 1.4 allows you to monitor and control any device from anywhere using the Internet and the iDigi Cloud. The current version runs on Digi’s ConnectPort line of gateways and is intended for easy prototyping of sensing and control solutions. ConnectPorts are small devices that attach local networks of XBee radios to the Internet using Ethernet, WiFi, cellular data radios, even global satellites.

This latest version of The XBee Internet Gateway has some outstanding new capabilities that you can see here.

Here’s a helpful video that Jordan Husney put together to get you started. In the video, he explains how to send “AT” formatted configuration commands that read sensors attached to remote XBee radios and remotely trigger switches, lights, motors or other actuators. He uses the iDigi Device Cloud environment (free for developers) to send and receive information. These commands can also be sent directly from programs you write yourself:

Remote AT Commands via the iDigi Device Cloud using the XBee Internet Gateway (XIG)

Supplies you’ll need:
power cord
ethernet cable
ConnectPort X2 device
IP Address for ConnectPort X2
iDigi Developer Account

Full user documentation: Google Code 

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