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Cloud-Based Enterprise Software

Digi Remote Manager makes it easier than ever to deploy and manage Digi products. Digi Device Cloud integrates any device and its data into your M2M application.

Digi Remote Manager

Digi Remote ManagerSM

Meet performance obligations and security requirements of remotely deployed Digi products


Remotely manage, monitor and configure devices in bulk. Optimized user interface. Schedule updates and reporting.


PCI validated with Report on Compliance. Early detection of network tampering. Turnkey delivery of firmware.


Integrate with existing network management tools. No local servers or software.

Digi Device CloudSM

Quickly connect any device to the cloud and integrate third-party applications


Connect any devices using the free Digi Cloud Connector


Integrate M2M networked device data into third-party systems


Integrate device data directly into Salesforce applications

Commitment to Security

Guard your device data with more than 175 different security controls

PCI Compliance

Our devices, in conjunction with standard security hardening practices, have received a passing ROC (Report on Compliance) from many top and popular Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs).

NERC/CIP Compliance

Our platform provides the following security functions: centralized device patching, capacity planning, centralized logging, compliance scanning, compliance reporting, change control, backup/disaster recovery, intrusion detection and asset management.

HIPPA Compliance

Since Digi’s platform is a secure conduit for health information, HIPAA-covered entities do not need a Business Associate agreement when passing encrypted data through Digi Device Cloud.