What is Digi Honeycomb

Digi Honeycomb is a subscription-based cold chain service that requires no capital expense. All that's required is placing wireless sensors wherever you want to monitor your food temperature and plugging in our communications gateway. Launch our easy-to-configure application to instantly access your temperature records 24/7 on your cell phone or tablet anywhere in the world. That's it.

Install Sensors

Our sensors take seconds to install and our handheld probe provides instant temperature measurements.

Connect Gateway

Our gateway stores and processes all of the data collected from sensors and passes this data to the Honeycomb app.

Launch Honeycomb

View and manage your cold chain data from anywhere. Set thresholds for automated alerts and reports.

Why Digi Honeycomb

The integrity and safety of perishable food items is crucial to your business and its reputation. The Digi Honeycomb automated temperature monitoring solution is an easy-to-deploy, reliable and cost-effective system purpose-built for the cold chain.

Digi Honeycomb costs less than $2 a day to operate
Simple installation typically takes about 1 hour
Eliminates inventory shrink with automated alerts
Automates logging and reduces labor costs

Built for Cold Chain

Digi Honeycomb operates 24/7 to alert you of problems before they become critical and create inventory loss or an unsafe condition. Eliminate unreliable and error-prone manual logging and focus on growing your business.

RetailEnsure freshness, quality and shelf life of perishables and ingredient items. Protect your customers and your brand.
GroceryFrom your deli cases to fruit/vegetable displays to freezer units, you will be alerted in real time when exceptions occur.
FacilityEliminate labor costs and human errors with automated alerts. Long-range sensors and gateways simplify warehouse installation.

Proven Methodology for Success

Digi employs a three step approach to ensure a successful implementation. This proven approach along with the simplicity of the installation are the key differentiators that raise Digi above its competition. All implementations are coordinated based on the following fundamentals:

Step 1Introduction and Installation
After site-survey, installations are simple. Most customers are receiving data in less than an hour.
Step 2Usability and Monitoring
We deliver training and confirm your monitoring and report requirements.
Step 3Optimization and Adoption
We work collaboratively to ensure you and your team are meeting your ROI goals.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Join the restaurants, convenience stores and grocers that already rely on Digi Honeycomb to help ensure food safety.

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