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4G Transition Creates Enhanced Commuter Experience, Increased Bus Safety & New Efficiencies
AddÉnergie Driving Electric Vehicle Charging Station Networks
Digi Helps SEPTA Meet Federal PTC Requirements
Drone Technologies Disrupting Industries, Saving Lives
DreamQii raised over $1.1 million dollars with their crowdfunding campaign for the PlexiDrone
Enabling Internet of Things Innovation in Agriculture
Connected Technology Evolves Farmers' Operations
Owlet Nightshift by Schréder Reduces Maintenance and Energy Costs While Keeping Residents Safe
Remote Temperature Monitoring of Perishable Goods Saves Money, Prevents Hazards
Staying Connected on the Go: Enhancing Public Transit
Wireless Tank Monitoring with 1844myfuels
Tracking Hand Washing Decreases the Spread of Infection at Hospitals; Lowers Expenses
XBee Enables Street Light Management System
Money Safe: Protecting Sensitive ATM Financial Data
U.S. Water provides water treatment solutions to industrial clients across North America.
Digi Module Enables 3D Imaging Technology for Wound Assessment
Monster Media Needed A Connectivity Solution That’s Quick To Deploy And Scalable
Digi Cellular Router Reduces Streetlamp Power Consumption
Digi Gateways Enable Wildfire Early Detection System
XBee-Enabled Sensors Monitor Harsh Environments
XBee Modules Reduce Hotel Energy Costs
Digi Wireless Module Transforms NASA Robot Into Productive Member of Space Station Crew
Wireless Internet Connection Enables Railway Control Systems
RabbitCore Module Adds Wi-Fi to Scales
Digi and Almerys Develop Critical Cardiology Telehealth Application
Digi Delivers Superior Smart Metering Solution in India
Digi Gateways Connect Bike Rental Terminals
Wirelessly Connecting the Future of Energy Distribution
Driving Operational Efficiencies With Intelligent Waste & Recycling Solutions that Save Time & Money
Giving Individuals Back Their Freedom While Keeping Families Informed Of Their Health.
From the Ground to the Cloud: Optimizing Irrigation
Helping Individuals Lead A Healthier Life By Providing Real-time Fitness Data
Minimizing Costly Downtime Through A Predictive Asset Monitoring Solution
Providing Easily Accessible Remote Connectivity To Spas
Turning Soil Conditions And Data Into Actionable Information To Maximize Crop Yields.