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Integrate, manage and monitor remotely deployed tanks of liquids, solids and gases with next generation tank level monitoring and management solutions

Digi Tank Solutions help companies more efficiently monitor remotely deployed tanks of liquids, solids and gases. The cost of running twisted pair wire to all the tanks is prohibitive due to installation & maintenance costs and the fact that it is common for tank to be located across asphalt or concrete driveways. To overcome the issues associated with running twisted pair the Digi OEM module was incorporated into the sensor box to provide a wireless means to transport the fluid level data. Multiple tanks can be monitored and the levels reported and recorded back at a single PC located in the office.

Gain Real-Time Diagnostics - Limit down-time through real time collection and monitoring of tank data

Lower Installation Costs - Eliminate unnecessary wiring and trenching costs and lower installation times dramatically

Increase Worker Safety - Increase worker safety and lower insurance rates by using wireless systems and sensors in dangerous work environments

Reduce Truck Rolls - Limit the amount of unscheduled, on-site maintenance through remote asset visibility

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Digi has become a part of our whole solution. This is the first one that is truly wireless with a small footprint and works.

Larry Wayne, General Manager, 1844myfuels

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