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Rabbit 4000 LQFP Microprocessor


North America: 20-668-0024

International: 20-668-0024

Low-cost microprocessor designed specifically for embedded systems.

  • Up to 60 MHz
  • Integrated 10Base-T Ethernet
  • Eight independent DMA channels
  • Supports 8- or 16-bit Flash and SRAM memories
  • Seven Hardware Breakpoints
  • 10x Speed Improvement in AES encryption
  • New instructions to support 32-bit values and math operations
  • On-Board slave port allows the Rabbit to be configured as an intelligent peripheral device
  • Control of clock speed by software allows dynamic trading of power vs. speed
  • 40+ digital I/O lines with up to four layers of alternate pin functions
  • Battery-backable time/date clock
  • Two Watchdog timers
  • 3.3 V I/O standard (can be set to 1.8 V for lower power)
  • RoHS Compliant
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