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ConnectPort X2 Wireless M-Bus Starter Kit - Int''l - XK-X2-WM1-EC-W
Digi X-Trak 3 Internal Antenna Development Kit - XT310U-G1000-KW
Professional Development Kit - XBee/XBee-PRO - 802.15.4 - XB24-PDK
SmartGrid NOW with ERT/SE Bridge Bundle - ERT-X2-SE1-BD1
XBee DigiMesh 2.4 Development Kit - XB24-DMDK
XBee Starter Development Kit - 802.15.4 - XB24-DKS
XBee Wi-Fi Development Kit - XK2-WFT-0
XBee-PRO 868 Development Kit - XBP08-DK
XBee-PRO DigiMesh 900 Development Kit - XBP09-DMDK
XBee-PRO ZB Programmable Development Kit - XBP24BZ7B-DK
XPress FIPS 140-2 High Security Cryptographic Module Development Kit - XEB-AW140-DK
XTend Development Kit- MESH - XT09-DK-MESH
ZigBee RF Module Development Kit - XK-Z11-M
ZigBee SMT RF Module Dev Kit - XK-Z11-S
Drop-In Networking Professional Development Kit - ZB - XK-Z11-EBP
Drop-In Networking Professional Development Kit - ZNet 2.5 - US - XK-B11-EBP
Drop-In Networking Starter Kit - 802.15.4 - XK-A11-SK
Drop-In Networking Starter Kit - ZNet 2.5 - XK-B11-SK
Professional Development Kit - XBee/XBee-PRO - ZNet 2.5 - XB24-BPDK
XBee-PRO XSC009 Dev Kit - XBP09-XC009-DK
ConnectPort X5 R Development Kit - X5-Z11-A101K-SA
ConnectPort X5 R Iridium Development Kit - X5R-000-G1T7K-A1
Drop-In Networking Professional Development Kit - 802.15.4 - US - XK-A11-EBP
Product is currently shipping and supported.
Product is currently shipping but its discontinuance has been announced and is in its final 12 months of support.
Product has been discontinued and is no longer shipping or supported.
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