Cannot find the serial port for the device


In XCTU, the serial port that your device is connected to does not appear.


  1. Click the Discover radio modules button .
  2. Select all of the ports to be scanned.

  3. Click Next and then Finish. A dialog notifies you of the devices discovered and their details.

  1. Remove the development board from the USB port and view which port name no longer appears in the Discover radio devices list of ports. The port name that no longer appears is the correct port for the development board.

Other possible issues

Other reasons that the XBee Cellular Modem is not discoverable include:

  1. If you accidentally have the loopback pins jumpered.
  2. You may not have a driver installed. If you do not have a driver installed, the item will have an exclamation point icon next to it in the Windows Device Manager.
  3. You may not be using an updated FTDI driver.
    1. Click here to download the drivers for your operating system.
    2. This may require you to reboot your computer.
    3. Disconnect the power and USB from the XBIB-U-DEV board and reconnect it.
  4. If you have a driver installed and updated but still have issues, on Windows 10 you may have to enable VCP on the driver; see Enable Virtual COM port (VCP) on the driver.