Understanding the XCTU command line interface

The XCTU Command-Line Interface (CLI) enables you to manage and automate certain tasks without launching the graphic user interface.

The CLI uses a multipart structure on the command line:

XCTUcmd <command> <required parameters> [optional parameters]

The first portion of the syntax is the base call to XCTUcmd executable. The location of this file depends on your operating system:

OS File location






The next part specifies a top-level command, which often represents an XCTU management action supported in the CLI. You can specify additional parameters or options for each command in any order on the command line. If an exclusive parameter is specified multiple times, then only the last value applies.

List all commands

You can run XCTUcmd by itself to display a list of all available commands. This is the complete list:

Program arguments

You can also run XCTUcmd with specific program arguments to display information about the tool:

Display the tool usage information

XCTUcmd --help

Display the tool version

XCTUcmd --version

Print the tool error codes table

XCTUcmd --errorlist