Update firmware on multiple routers using a Configurations template

The focus of this use case is to demonstrate how you can use a Configurations template to update firmware on multiple routers and to do so safely. Therefore, it is important to follow the order of operation and the chosen settings for the workflow option you choose.

Do you have multiple routers that require a firmware update? Do you want to update them using common settings and files? Do you want to update them all at the same time? All of this is possible using a Configurations template in Digi Remote Manager.

Tip Digi recommends using a Configurations template and an incremental approach when updating your fleet of routers, regardless of whether those updates are major or minor settings or file changes. These changes could include network, firewall, route, or firmware updates.


  • Configurations feature in Digi Remote Manager.

  • If creating a new Configurations template, you must have one router online and connected to Digi Remote Manager.


Both workflows use an incremental approach to upgrading firmware on multiple routers: upgrade one router and confirm that it functions as it should with the new firmware. Add another group of routers to the Configurations template. Confirm that they function as they should with the new firmware. Continue adding groups of routers to the template until all routers are upgraded. The workflows differ based on how you want to create the template.

  1. Choose one router to use for testing purposes ("test router").

  2. Create a new group to use for testing purposes ("test group").

  3. Add the test router to the test group.

  4. Create the Configurations template according to the one of the following options:

    Option 1: Copy settings and files from a router to a template.

    Option 2: Copy settings and files from an existing template to a new template.

  5. Continue adding groups of routers to the template, confirm that the upgrade was successful, and troubleshoot any issues until you have upgraded them all.

    Tip It is up to you how you manage old templates. You may want to keep them as a visual history of changes made or delete them to keep your template list current. The choice is up to you! If you keep templates, make sure to disable them.

Upgrading the firmware on multiple devices using a Configurations template is complete.

Best practices

  • Test the firmware upgrade on a single router first, then one group of routers, and then upgrade the remaining groups of routers.

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