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5 simple ways to prevent dry labbing

Dry Labbing can be described as the art of faking temperature logs. We like to think this is a very uncommon practice but the truth is it happens and it may be happening at your facility.

To detect Dry Labbing look at your handwritten templogs and see how neatly the temps are written, chances are if everything looks good the temps were probably written down at a desk. Having surveyed general managers and restaurant owners, we have a list of the 5 most effective ways to prevent dry labbing:

  1. Have a predefined time when the temps must be taken and confirm these temps with the GM or Manager every week.
  2. Provide an incentive for the GM or Manager every time they take temps. This could be a 5 minute break or 5 points. When they reach 50 or 100 or whatever number of points they are rewarded with an added break or day off.
  3. Once a month, sit down and explain how important the temps are and what could happen if they fail to take them.
  4. Implement a check and balance system that brings in employee accountability, i.e. Employees are now making sure the manager took temps.
  5. Invest in a real-time monitoring system or Bluetooth food probe. This eliminates all possibility of dry labbing and decreases the time it takes to take temps.