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Shopko Pharmacies

Shopko Pharmacies, Ashwaubenon, WI

Contact: Professional Services Manager

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Why did you buy the Digi Smart Solutions program?

Shopko purchased this program to help us comply with new Medicare requirements on temperature monitoring and recording for ambient air, refrigerator, and freezer temperatures. Digi Smart Solutions met all of their requirements keeping us compliant.

How has it helped you with compliance issues?

The continual recording of temperatures and phone calls to the store when items are outside of the set limit has allowed for faster feedback and correction of excursions. The persistent online data has helped provide needed tracking documentation per third party audit requirements

What part of the program has been most valuable to you?

The alerts to the pharmacy has been most important to us. We’ve had multiple issues in which a refrigerator failed, or was failing, during the day. Had we not received a call from Digi Smart Solutions, the pharmacists wouldn’t have checked until most likely at the close of business. And had they forgot to check at that time the drugs would not have been adequately cooled until the next shift. As a result the system saved us unnecessary product loss on multiple occasions.

How has Digi saved you time, money, and improved product/patient safety?

The fact that our teams no longer needs to spend time checking refrigerator temperatures two to three times a day has been important for us. The ability of the system to save paperwork for future potential audits has also been valuable. With the continual monitoring, we found early on with Digi Smart Solutions that we had multiple fridges failing, and as a result only keeping drugs within range for a small portion of the day. Shopko was able to replace all failed, and failing, refrigerators preventing the loss of our product.