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Return Merchandise Authorization Procedures

Verify that your Digi product is defective:

  1. Contact Digi International Technical Support:
  2. a) Call 1-800-344-4273, choose option 3 for Technical Support, or call us direct at (952) 912-3456.

    b) Use our online support request.

  3. Log a call or we will log a call for you ( if by fax or e-mail ) with one of our Technical Support Specialist.
  4. When you speak with a technician, he/she will verify whether or not your product is defective.
  5. Assuming your Digi product is defective, the technician will either transfer you to or ask a Customer Service Representative to call or e-mail you.
  6. Customer Service will issue an RMA which will allow you to send in your Digi product for repair.

If you know you have a defective Digi product by doing diagnostic testing or by already speaking to a technician:

  1. Contact Digi Customer Service:
  2. a) Call 1-800-344-4273, choose option 4 for Customer Service, or call us direct at (952) 912-3005.

    b) Use our online support request.

    c) Send a fax to (952) 912-4959 or an email to DigiRMAs@digi.com using the Digi Product RMA Request Form or Rabbit Product RMA Request Form attached. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the form. You can download the free reader by clicking on the button below.

    Get Acrobat Reader

  3. A Customer Service Representative will issue an RMA which will allow you to send in your Digi product for repair.
  4. A e-mail will be sent to you with an RMA number and the return shipping address attached.
  5. If you have any questions at this point you may contact the Customer Service Representative by using one of the methods listed above.

Information needed when requesting an RMA Number:

  1. Tech Support case number if you talked to a technician.
  2. Bill to and Ship to information.
  3. Payment information if any service and/or out of warranty charges apply.
  4. Serial numbers for all products being sent in for repair.
  5. Method of shipment and account number if shipping other than FedEx Ground or International.

RMA Types:

Customer Owned Repair is when products, either in or out of warranty, are sent in for repair. For products in warranty, Digi will pay for all shipping charges back to the customer FedEx Ground or Best Way International. Out of warranty shipping charges are paid by the customer.

Product Exchange is a cross-ship for customers who (a) own product which is now defective, or (b) require service as a result of discrepancies in shipping or manufacturing by Digi International. This is not part of the warranty, but a service we offer. The customer pays for product and upon receipt of the defective unit a credit is issued. Service charges may apply.

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