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Frequently Asked Questions for Technical Support Annual Agreements

(Q) Where can I purchase a Support Agreement?
(A) Support Agreements are available for purchase both through Digi’s Reseller Channel as well as direct from Digi.

(Q) If the Support Agreement is sold through the reseller, is the agreement between Digi and the reseller? Or is it between Digi and the end user?
(A) All agreements sold direct or through the reseller channel are between Digi and the end user.

(Q) How are Support Agreements renewed?
(A) Support Agreements are available for renewal annually. Digi will contact the end user 30 days prior to the expiration date of the then current agreement for renewal verification.

(Q) Are Support Agreements available for purchase worldwide?
(A) No, Support Agreements are targeted at North American customers. But, agreements may be available on a case-by-case basis for other countries depending upon requirements.

(Q) Which Digi products are covered under these Service Agreements?
(A) All products that are still in factory warranty are available for contract consideration.

(Q) Are Support Agreement annual fees per customer site or per individual product?
(A) Support Agreement annual fees are per individual product. So if a customer has 5 individual products, it would require one agreement that has a all 5 products listed, or five separate agreements.

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